Things to avoid doing during your studies

Attending college or university can be some of the most difficult yet rewarding and fun years of your life. You work hard every day learning and studying, in a subject you (hopefully) love and find interesting and exciting. 

You often find as you brace yourself for this new adventure, people give you a tonne of advice on what you should be doing. Therefore, we’ve simplified it for you and put some simple notes on what you SHOULDN’T be doing during your studies. 

Don’t just do the bare minimum

Don’t just think that your course is enough to get you a job straight after you graduate because that’s very rarely the case.  Find time to fit in some work experience, even if you’re just shadowing at a company that you find interesting, there are SOO many benefits and different types of Work Experience. Also remember to network. All JMC Academy lecturers are industry professionals and some of the best connections you can make directly into the industry so utilise those connections. 

Don’t leave things for the last minute

Don’t be that person that is panicking the night before an exam or a deadline. Plan in advance and save yourself a whole heap of heartache, headache and failure. Have a look at some of our helpful advice on improving your time management skills, and trust us, they’re important!


Don’t worry without getting help

If you feel under too much pressure, are struggling with exams or writing essays or having any troubles outside of your course that may be affecting your studies, don’t worry! Get yourself along to our Student Support on campus who can help you with all manor of problems here at JMC Academy. If you want someone to look over your essay or to help with financial or accommodation worries then we always have someone to help. Don’t keep it to yourself; as they say, a trouble shared is a trouble halved. 

Don’t procrastinate too much


We know this is a difficult one because let’s be honest, those cats playing piano are pretty entertaining but try to restrict those videos to make sure you get your work done! You can some find some invaluable advice in this article ‘6 steps to end procrastination.’ 

Don’t be stupid with money

Looking after your money can be difficult while studying; we all know how easy it can be to blow that student loan as soon as it comes in. However, budgeting is key to reduce your stress and worries. Here are some great ways to help you save money during your studies including freelance websites and available grants. 

Our final piece of advice is DON’T forget to enjoy yourself and make the most of every moment of this incredible experience and journey. 

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