Studying is already hard enough without trying to figure out which tips and tricks work best for you, so we are here to help you!

Smart Study

Everyone has different learning techniques, and sometimes you don't know which one will end up working for until you start workshopping different tips & tricks. To make it easier to find which learning styles suit you, take a look at our tips for each kind of learner and start studying smart!

Do you tend to learn best by absorbing colours, diagrams and pictures? Then visual methods of learning are the way to go.

Get creative with colours and colour code your notes, spice it up by highlighting and underlining or even use coloured post it notes to divide your notes. Use flashcards as a study method, draw out diagrams of info, watch educational videos on your topics and start covering your wall in colourful mind maps or concept maps. 

You are an auditory learner if you find it easier to understand spoken instruction or information rather than reading.

Try recording yourself reciting your notes and have them on repeat whilst your driving or doing some of your daily activities. Get in a group of a few students and tackle studying by having group discussions about topics and exam questions. Want some advanced methods? Try out Mnemonic memory devices, the art of using any learning techniques that aids information retention.

Do learn best by (shocker) reading and writing? Any study methods that allow you to interact with text will help you thrive during exam time. 

Start taking practice tests and get a teacher to have a look through and mark, get into the habit of writing out your notes by hand, turn diagrams and charts into paragraphs of information and stick to using roughly 4-5 dot points per heading to get the most essential notes memorised.

Kinesthetic learners study best by doing and interacting with their learning environment, otherwise known as those kids who can't sit still.

Start adopting the technique of teaching others, giving your classmates and unwilling family members a crash course in your exam info. Keep moving around while you study to help keep your notes locked in your brain. Break up your study sessions into small chunks and move your studying location to keep yourself moving and your brain as active as ever.

Regardless of your Learning Style...

Take regular breaks! Learn to reward yourself after chuncks of time studying by going for a quick walk, grabbing a coffee or calling a friend, anything that lets you clear your head and refocus. 

Keep up a balanced diet and sleep schedule! Taking care of your body is important on any day but especially when you're using all your energy up studying. Eating fish and other foods high in Omega 3 like nuts and olive oil can help boost your brain power and reduce anxiety, whilst sleeping is the key to turning short-term memory into long-term memory, it's a win, win. 

Ask for help! If you're stuck, need a little refresh from someone or just need a study buddy, help is always available for those who ask. Get in touch with either your teachers, parents or friends, and if all else fails you know the internet is always there for you.

When you become a JMC Academy student, your learning becomes our priority. We are dedicated to helping students successfully complete their course, so get in touch with our student support team and they would be more than happy to assist you in any way.

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