The new Concession Opal card is now available for JMC Academy students in Sydney!

Pictured: Concession Opal Card Available for JMC Academy Students

We’re very pleased to announce, in partnership with Transport for NSW, the Concession Opal card is now available for eligible full-time domestic students at JMC Academy, Sydney.

With the new Concession Opal card, students will receive a bundle of benefits such as cheap single fares and the opportunity of saving 30% during off-peak train times. Students with the Concession Opal card will also have a Daily Travel Cap of $8.00* and a Weekly Travel Cap of $25.00*. Even if you lose your card or it gets stolen, your balance will be protected.

Plus, you can earn free travel with the Opal Weekly Travel Reward: after 8 paid journeys in a week, you travel the rest of the week for free.*  


Step 1

Confirm you’re eligible for the Concession Opal card. You’ll need to give your consent so we can share your information with Transport for NSW. 

For current JMC students, if you didn’t do this during your enrolment, you can do this at the Admin desk at JMC Academy. Allow 2 business days† for this information to reach Transport for NSW before applying.

Need to get in touch with your campus?

Step 2

Apply for your Concession Opal card! You can do this by visiting the Opal website, or by calling 13 67 25 (13 OPAL). For JMC students who meet the eligibility criteria and have submitted a student concession application form to Admin, you will be able to apply online*.

Just make sure you have your student enrolment information when applying. You can also set up auto top-up, when your balance falls below a pre-set amount it will top up automatically, so you will always have enough value on it to travel.

Step 3

Your card will be posted to your mailing address (5-7 days after your application is completed). Activate your card when it arrives.

The Opal card is an easy, convenient way of paying for your travel on public transport. It's the only card you'll need to get around on all public transport including trains, ferries, buses and light rail.

If you want to find out more about the new Concession Opal card, just stop by the Administration desk at any JMC Academy and talk to your Opal Representative.

* Excludes Sydney Airport station access fee. 
† May vary depending on individual circumstances.
*Any problems with applying online after submitting a student concession application, please contact Admin

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