Let’s cut to the chase. Right now, the Australian Film and Television Industries are quite literally causing a scene on the world stage.

The recent announcement of the New South Wales Government’s $400,000 initiative, Crew Connects, to fund the placement of emerging and mid-career practitioners in production, post-production, VFX and animation businesses, serves as yet another indicator that Australia is working to keep up with growing demands of the industry on national and international levels. It’s exciting stuff, but by no means a surprise…

This new announcement follows a long trend of growth for the Australian Film and TV Industries over several decades. According to Screen Australia, the production of feature films alone has grown solidly over the past four decades. In the wake of the global pandemic, National and State Governments have acknowledged the immense economic and cultural  impact of the Australian Arts Sector and have made commitments to support and uplift it with new funding and policies, such as the new National Cultural Policy, Revive, which launched on January 30. Clearly, there have never been more opportunities for jobs, funding for creative projects and support for Australian filmmakers… but beyond the resource and finance talk, we can find some real indicators of industry progression.

Now, Australians are more focused than ever on diversifying our growing industry. Thanks to support from some stellar organisations such as the Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network (SDIN) and Screen Australia, plus several State-based organisations like VicScreen and Screen Queensland, Australians have access to more resources and tools than ever when it comes to bringing their unique stories and creative ideas to life. Even more importantly, these organisations are each working alongside the country’s largest media companies and production houses to create more inclusive workspaces and content than ever before. 

At JMC, we’re working with the newest technologies and trends of today’s Film and Television sector to make sure every student is fully equipped to launch straight into this rapidly expanding area of Aussie creative enterprise. Even before graduation, JMC’s emerging film producers, directors, compositors and editors have contributed their own creative works to Australia's rich catalogue of titles and showcased their efforts at various events, including our very own annual Martini Awards. We understand the importance of contributing to and supporting the ongoing success of our nation’s film and television sector and take great pride in knowing that we’re setting our students up for a career full of success.

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