For the first time since 2019, the glittering lights of Brisvegas are calling us to BIGSOUND in real life! 

This is a HUGE deal for anyone who has traversed through the craziness of a pandemic-stricken music industry these past few years- artists, producers and professionals alike. The hopes are high and we couldn’t be any prouder to fill not just one, but TWO BIG PARTNERSHIP BOOTS in the festival’s 21st year!

So what’s the sich?

JMC is saddling up to support BIGSOUND ‘22 as both Country Presenting Partner and Key Education Partner. That’s right, we’re partnering so hard, even our partnerships have a partner *tips hat at ourselves*. 

Partnering on two frontiers offers both JMC and BIGSOUND far more than just a relentless backlog of cowboy-centric one-liners. As Country Presenting Partner, JMC feels privileged to support the artists who are together pioneering the resurgence of country music around Australia and the wider world. There is something about the quintessential musicianship, consideration in songwriting and emotional sensitivity of country music that has seen this genre survive and thrive through eras of musical change. In a creative space where emotion and tradition meets new technologies and performance styles, we know that country is the genre that gives so many artists the foundation they require to grow. 

As BIGSOUND’s Key Education Partner, JMC hopes to further support the development of emerging Australian talent by providing the support all artists need to build a strong foundation for growth. In this way, both of our BIGSOUND partnerships aim to emphasise how a strong foundation of skills and experiences will help to support the longevity of Australia’s music industry. As Australia’s leading Creative Industries institution, this value is at the core of everything we do. You’ve gotta be tough to survive out there in the desert!

And what does this mean for JMC and our students?

Aside from it being a MASSIVE privilege to play such a huge role in this ever groundbreaking industry event, our double partnership with BIGSOUND ‘22 gives JMC and our students some awesome opportunities to kick it with some of the music world’s best. 

One of the highlights for us this year will be our BIGSOUND x JMC Country Party, to be held at iconic venue The Brightside on Wednesday, September 7th. Hosted by living legend Fanny Lumsden, the night will feature performances by some of the nation's brightest young country music artists. We are also so pleased to be giving some of our JMC students the experience of a lifetime by bringing them along to BIGSOUND as event delegates. Here, they may continue to broaden their knowledge of the live music and events industries and meet with other like-minded creatives to grow together through shared real-world experiences.

With BIGSOUND formally kicking off on September 6th, it’s been a busy but exciting period of planning for the JMC camp. But with the promise of live music and a glint in our eye, we can’t wait for the shenanigans that are about to unfold. YEEHAW.

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