Self-taught beatboxer and looper Tuan Nguyen recently moved to Melbourne to pursue a career in music. In February he started JMC Academy’s Music Production course, where he’s already making an impression on and off campus with his playful beats and performance style.

How did you get started as a beatboxer?

I started to learn beatboxing when I saw a beatboxer performing on MTV. I was blown away because he can make the beat, bass and sing simultaneously with his mouth. I felt that was unreal, so I checked out more of this art form on Youtube and started practicing beatboxing with these videos.

Why did you choose to study Music Production at JMC?

I chose to study music production at JMC because of the practicality and diversity of the course’s curriculum. The course not only provides subjects that help students make their own professional music products, but it also gives students knowledge about the music industry, media, promotion and even music tutoring. I would also like to be a music teacher in the future.

What was it like moving to Melbourne to study?

Moving from Vietnam to Australia for me is a whole new world. Everything is new and exciting. The music scene here in Melbourne is super big and diverse. Also, the education environment here is so active and practical.

What’s your favourite thing about the course so far?

I love that we have a lot of chances to make music, perform, and collaborate together in high-quality JMC studios. I can always feel the high and positive energy in JMC.

Do you have any places you want to see or things you want to achieve while you’re in Australia?

There are so many amazing things in Australia that I would like to see and try, but the first thing I want to see is live music festivals such as St. Kilda Festival or Splendour in the Grass Festival, and my goal is to play there. Moreover, I would also like to compete in the annual beatbox championship in Sydney.

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