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why jmc


We are committed to investing in the latest cutting-edge tech. With our Epic RED cameras, SSL Duality audio consoles, 3D printers + HTC Vives we've got you covered.


Expand your international network and join an organised study tour or exchange at JMC’s partner academies in LA, the Netherlands, Tokyo and London.


Our industry-based lecturers will share their knowledge and insights, connecting you to the networks, internships and opportunities you need to make it.

Our Success Stories

"The way I have been taught music here has changed my life. I try to inspire my own music students in the same way." - Mickey Pye
Mickey Pye, Bathurst College of Music Principal and Toyota Star Maker winner 2015, Contemporary Music + Performance Alumni
"Learning industry standard software with JMC Academy has prepared me for a career in the game industry. Thanks to small class sizes. I found the tutors at JMC to be very accessible." - Alaric Willi
Alaric Willi , Render Wrangler, Iloura Animation and Visual Effects Studio, Game Development Alumni
"The in-depth practical work gave me an edge in the real world. Lecturers are knowledgeable and experienced with a real passion for the subject matter, making learning much easier."
Aldo Sampaio, Audio Director, Ubisoft Montreal (Canada), Audio Engineering + Sound Production Alumni
"This course is very hands on. It’s new and really quite different to anything I've looked at studying before. Right now I'm already working on a prototype for an App!”
Savannah Lee, Student, Digital Design
"JMC Academy has provided me with the ability to recognise good opportunities, to not shy away from the challenging ones and to be adaptable to changes in the industry."
Amara Primero, Composer, Director and Secondary Teacher , Contemporary Music + Performance Alumni
"Having the audio and film guys to work with me on my projects taught me a lot about the whole process. I put this into action as one of the animators on the ‘Happy Feet’ films.”
Damien Schneider , Freelance Animation Artist, Animation Alumni
"I discovered and managed the band 5 Seconds of Summer. JMC is where I learned not only how to recognise an artist's potential, but how to take it to the top."
Adam Wilkinson, Former Manager of band '5 Seconds of Summer', Entertainment Business Management Alumni
"The client interaction and team work experience I gained at JMC was very important as I find these skills essential for my work now." - Edo Sitanggang
Edo Sitanggang, Director, Pt. Mitra Andalas Visual - Noise Floor, Audio Engineering & Sound Production


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