Last week, JMC staff took part at an incredible event hosted by some of Australia’s brightest minds in UX design.

Design Leadership 2022 was a two-day event hosted by UX Australia that brought design leaders from around the country together for the purpose of sharing expertise and looking towards the future of this swiftly evolving industry. 

As a proud partner of UX Australia, being involved in events like Design Leadership 2022 ensures that JMC’s design educators remain on the cutting edge of emerging design trends and techniques. More importantly, the topics discussed at these sorts of events extend beyond contemporary design techniques being applied presently, reaching into innovative methods and how Australian designers may apply them in future projects. Experts gathered to discuss how UX & UI design in 2022 might provide both environmentally sustainable and economical solutions for clients, as well as ensure the longevity of individual careers and larger design teams by ways of adaptive design thinking and processes.

Highlights from the event included talks on ‘applied creativity’ from Great Question Training’s Zoë Rose and leading design teams ‘into the new normal’ from Xero’s Naomi Schofield, as well as a half-day leadership forum facilitated by Matt Fenwick and Steve Baty (from True North Content and Meld Studios respectively). 

If we were to take home one core message from Design Leadership ‘22, it would be the confidence of knowing that the skills, both technical and abstract, we teach each day in our design classes here at JMC hold their own out there in real-world design landscapes. These are the concept makers whose ideas will inevitably become everybody’s ‘new normal’. 

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