Where students come first

Regardless of how talented you are, sometimes you need the right support in order to hone your skills, and drive a truly remarkable career. The most important thing at JMC is our students, and we're here to help you, with whatever you need. Our free counselling and academic assistance is available throughout your JMC journey, so you graduate smiling ear to ear. Our list of services is extensive and may take place in class or in the form of one-on-one support.

Our services include:

  • Exam preparation
  • Career development
  • CVs and cover letters
  • Business plans
  • Presenting
  • Researching
  • Study skills 
  • Note taking
  • Computer skills
  • Academic writing
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Counselling
  • Time + stress management

We also provide:

  • Free counselling
  • Library research assistance
  • ESL support

Welfare and Guidance Services

At JMC Academy safety and respect is central to the culture of our community. JMC Academy students are therefore encouraged to discuss any personal problems they are having that may be affecting their capacity to study, with the Campus Counsellor. Where appropriate, the Counsellor will refer students to welfare and/or guidance agencies that provide the appropriate services.


JMC Academy have signed up with TalkCampus, in addition to the existing counselling services available.

The TalkCampus app provides:

  • free 24/7 instant online support for your mental health
  • anonymous, safe spaces where people feel able to share
  • no waiting times, no stigma, no judgement. Just instant, ongoing support
  • a world-class real-time safeguarding and moderation that is clinically governed

Special Needs

It is required that you inform the JMC Academy, before enrolling, of any special needs or learning difficulties. Please contact administration to organise an appointment to discuss your personal situation and the options and support available. You can be assured that any request for support from JMC Academy staff will be dealt with both tactfully and discreetly.

Respect. Now. Always.

All members of the JMC community have a right to feel safe, supported and always welcome. Therefore it is all of our responsibility to provide a safe and inclusive campus that is free from harassment, bullying, discrimination and assault. In line with our goal to foster a safer campus, all students are required to complete Consent Matters training during their time at JMC Academy. Consent Matters is a fully interactive course, used by all Australian Universities, that covers the areas of sexual consent, communication and relationships, and bystander intervention.

International Student Support

JMC Academy understands that moving to a new country and adjusting to a new learning style can be difficult.

To support international students in their studies, we provide:

  • Foundation course before studies
  • Pre-arrival orientation guide
  • On-campus orientation
  • Academic support staff
  • On-campus counsellor
  • On-going support from International Services
  • On-campus English Language support
  • Off-campus support through a network of English language colleges where more intensive help is required.

Meet the Academic Support Team

Clare Tredwell
email: ctredwell@jmc.edu.au
ph: (02) 8241 8899

Clare is the Academic Support Officer at JMC Academy Sydney and joined the team in February 2020. For many years, Clare taught English and Humanities in secondary schools and led the pastoral care programs. Most recently, she was working as an academic teacher for the Master of Teaching and Master of Education degrees at the University of Melbourne. Clare has an Arts degree in Philosophy and Sociology, a Graduate Certificate in Humanities and Social Sciences (English major), a Graduate Diploma of Education (Sec) and two Masters degrees in Education. She is passionate about supporting students to reach their potential and develop self-efficacy in their studies.

Malini Trickey
email: mtrickey@jmc.edu.au
ph: (03) 8624 2929

Malini has been tutoring students in tertiary education since 2013, specifically in Sociology and academic writing. She has degrees in Business and Arts (with majors in Psychology and Sociology) but her main interest in writing and editing came from spending most of her life reading novels, which also inspired her to write short stories and novellas through high school and university. Malini thrives in an interactive environment and is passionate about helping people. She joined the Melbourne team at JMC in 2016.

Kris Wellings
email: kwellings@jmc.edu.au
ph: (07) 3360 4500

Kris is the Academic Support Officer at JMC Academy Brisbane and joined the team in November 2016. She has post-graduate qualifications in Education, Applied Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication. She has taught secondary and tertiary students in Australia and overseas. Most of her career has been focussed on supporting adult learners in higher education, including Creative Industries disciplines.

Kris believes “studentship” skills like time management, communication and research are the same kind of skills needed for employment and “adulting” and so it’s well worth developing them early. It provides a great deal of professional satisfaction for Kris to see her students developing these skills and achieving their academic and creative goals.