It’s one thing to take care of yourself, but it’s another thing to take care of the world you live in...

We’ve all heard the stats on global warming and the verdict isn’t good. We have been taking advantage of this beautiful world of ours for far too long and unfortunately, we are starting to see the effects. But, sometimes out of the bad can come some good as we are frequently seeing more and more companies of all sizes adapt their business models to work towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of operation.

Now, you might not be a big company, but you still have the responsibility of doing your part as a creative to help keep our world as beautiful as possible. In light of our current Wellness Week, we have put together 5 ways you can help the environment around you as a creative.

Recycle Your Bottles AND your Gear

We will start with the no-brainer: RECYCLE EVERYTHING THAT YOU CAN! Don’t be lazy and just throw your bottles, cans or containers in any old bin. Aim 10 centimetres to the left and hit that recycle tub. If there isn’t one readily available, be a legend and take your empty bottle home to recycle it there. This just isn’t limited to rubbish, hand down any old guitars, cameras, drumsticks and everything in between to make sure that old gear isn’t going to waste. 

Remember to use your keep cups 

We know it’s hard to think straight the morning after a late-night gig and before that first coffee but do your best to never forget your keep cup. You will find you might even get a sneaky discount for bringing it and with the amount of coffee the average musician, videographer or animator needs during those last night editing sessions, that 30 cents a cup add up! If you don’t own one, go and see admin to purchase one of our brand new JMC keep cups (which are discounted during Wellness Week). 

Pictured: JMC Academy Keep Cups, Available at Admin

Take notes on your laptop or iPad

We all are guilty of spending way too much time looking at our screens, so why not use that to help reduce paper wastage? Taking notes is important, we know this better than most, but there is no reason for you to buy books every three months when you could put it all into your laptop or iPad. Use basic apps like voice recordings to remember those impromptu song ideas and your tablet to draw out those sparks of inspiration and limit that paper wastage!  

Walk instead of drive 

This is obviously a good idea for multiple reasons. Stretch those legs and get out in the fresh air. Your body, mind and the environment around you will thank you for it. If you are going somewhere that is a little bit out of walking distance, jump on a train or a bus rather than driving or Ubering. If you must get in a car to get all your gear to the gig, make sure you get as many of the band in as possible for a carpool. You can even practice your cover of 500 miles car-karaoke style on the way there.

Do your part as a creative in keeping this world beautiful for not just us, but all the generations after us.

Do the little things right 

Always grab the glass bottle over the plastic one, if you must print - print double-sided, don’t forget your reusable bags when you go to woollies, choose eco-friendly drum skins, double-check that all of your lights are out and you turned off your computer before going to bed after a mixing session, don’t sing the entire extended version on Bohemian Rhapsody every time you shower and limit the time that the water runs, say no to plastic straws and cups when receiving your rider, and for crying out loud DON’T LITTER! Things like these that happen in everyday life are nothing but a tiny inconvenience but make a MASSIVE difference to the world you live in. Do your part as a creative in keeping this world beautiful for not just us, but all the generations after us.

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