A message from our Founder, Dr John Martin Cass

"As Managing Director and founder of JMC Academy, I am often asked... what makes JMC Academy unique?

Our uniqueness is defined by our people. It is defined by the individuality, distinct talents, personal histories, and achievements of each of our lecturers, and of each and every one of our students. It is the way these all interact to create the unique dynamics and superior outcomes delivered in every course.

It is defined by the recognition and respect we have earned over the years by industry leaders and by academics; reflected through our extensive and ground-breaking industry accreditation, incomparable Higher Education courses and the successes achieved by thousands of JMC Academy graduates.

For our students, the advantages of studying at a private Higher Education institution include the ability to gain critical level thinking inherent in the higher education curriculum whilst simultaneously benefiting from the production based, industry-responsive practical component taught by proven professionals in each course. This ensures our graduates are industry-ready when commencing and developing in their chosen careers."

Martin Cass

Dr John Martin Cass
Founding Director

About Us

Established in 1982 by John Martin Cass, JMC Academy was originally founded in Sydney to meet the demand for qualified professionals in the entertainment technology industry. From day one, JMC Academy broke ground as Australia's first private college to qualify for accreditation in the fields of Audio Engineering, Digital Television and Digital Multimedia.

Celebrating almost 40 years in education, JMC Academy remains Australia’s leading Creative Industries institution, offering Degrees and Diplomas in Music, Songwriting, Audio Engineering, Film and Television Production, Acting, Entertainment Business Management, Visual Communication (Design), Animation, Game Design and Music Production.

With advanced-design campuses, ongoing technology upgrades, a dedicated team of academics and industry professionals, and a network of international master class lecturers, JMC Academy is committed to ensuring our graduates make their own indelible mark on industry.

JMC Academy’s ultimate focus is to deliver inspiring and technologically sophisticated programs, which cater to the global needs of the Creative industries. By nurturing, supporting and mentoring students who share a true passion and dedication for these industries, we are able to guide them into rewarding careers.

JMC Academy's Purpose Statement

The purpose of JMC Academy is to advance knowledge and educate students in creative industry technology and related areas of scholarship, enabling them to reach their full personal and career potential.

The Academy is dedicated to providing its students with a higher education that combines rigorous academic study and the opportunity to develop their professional practice with the support and intellectual stimulation of a diverse campus community. The Academy seeks to develop in each member of the JMC community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively, and effectively.

In this way JMC Academy graduates can make a valuable and sustainable contribution to their community, the nation and the world. 

Here's what makes JMC a little different...