What happens when you gather creative entrepreneurs from around the world to learn, dream and work together for 2 years? Add industry mentors; professional feedback; research; testing and intense project development and you can get an exciting range of creative projects ready to enter the market. The JMC Master of Creative Industries course is designed to do exactly this.

To get a taste of the creative range of projects our students have worked on, we’ve got a quick list to share with you. We’ll start with Alejandro Perez (Colombia) and his incredible 360 degree virtual reality concert experience project. This technology allows the user to immerse themselves completely in the gig of their choice without having to leave their home. It is a borderless way to experience gigs and concerts in different venues around the world.

In a project that truly celebrates the possibilities of a creative international education, Tereza Holubova (Czechia) and Ruepong Jaroonkaiamonchai (Thailand) collaborated on a short horror/comedy film. This project takes a Czech folklore story and sets it in contemporary Australia, offering a classic story to a new audience and a fresh take on horror.

Another recent MCI graduate is Jasmine Carissa (Indonesia), who has dreamed up a hip hop dance battle competition to inspire, challenge and build up young people. Jasmine identified a gap in local dance opportunities for young people and is seeking to fill some of that gap with the tournament.

Anna Garcia Solana (Spain) has used the Master to help scale up her business: an existing contemporary art gallery that she has expanded to Australia. She is organising an exhibition of European and Australian artists that will also be hosted online.

Claudio Tavares (Brazil) has created an arts app that links artists directly to clients. The JMC Masters helped him find a mentor who became his business partner!

There are plenty of other projects our students – local and international – have developed and are working on right now. If you’re inspired by these ideas and have one of your own, contact our admissions team to explore how our Masters program can help you take your creative career to the next level.