Computer games that strengthen communities and spread awareness? That's Game Design with a purpose.

Introducing Frootea, a text-based game designed by JMC Game Design alumni Kiara, A.K.A Tum Tum Studio 💫💻 The game immerses players into the lives of LGBTQ+ Southeast Asians, where they play a crucial role in a group chat with three vibrant individuals: Sofia (she/her), a proud Filipino; Egg (they/them), a Vietnamese explorer of gender identity; and Seven (any pronouns), a Chinese-Indonesian non-binary individual.

Frootea is a celebration of the diverse LGBTQ+ identities within the Southeast Asian community and we couldn't be more proud to see our emerging game designers using their powers for good!

Frootea is more than a game; it's a platform for empathy, understanding, and connection. If you want to check it out for yourself head to Tum Tum Studio's Instagram profile for the full details 🌈📱Congrats Kiara on the awesome game!

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