JMC Design Graduate Tyler Morley is currently completing 52 design projects in 52 weeks… but that’s just his side project.

We caught up with the student-turned-professional graphic designer to talk about life beyond study and the lessons he’s brought with him from his time spent at JMC.

Tyler graduated from JMC academy with a Bachelor of Digital Design and Communications in 2021, after studying diligently amidst the global pandemic. He describes the experience as a “bit of a tough time to be studying” amidst restrictions and lockdowns, but nevertheless a confirmation of his passion for all things design. After graduating, it wasn’t long until Tyler landed his first full time Graphic Design job within Australia’s healthcare industry.

“I was lucky enough to land a great job straight out of JMC at an aesthetics device supplier called Cryomed Aesthetics”, explains Tyler. “Basically they are Australia and New Zealand’s biggest supplier of aesthetic healthcare devices and I’m in charge of pretty much everything that gets printed, uploaded, put on the website. All that good stuff. I started there as a Junior Graphic Designer straight out of JMC and after a year of being the Junior Graphic Designer I managed to work my way up to become Lead Graphic Designer”.

Tyler Morley
With more than 1000 capital aesthetic medical device installs (and increasing weekly), Cryomed Aesthetics is a leading provider of aesthetic healthcare devices, medical-grade cosmeceuticals and injectables across Australia and New Zealand. Now in charge of a portfolio of over 30 different medical devices (as well as three different skincare brands), you may have spied Tyler’s work at your local chemist or doctor’s surgery without even realising!

With a full time job and a fast growing freelance career now fully centred around visual design, Tyler has embarked on a personal mission of completing 52 designs in 52 weeks. Tyler’s aim for this project is to create a personal portfolio that positions him perfectly to design for his dream clients, which include luxury sportswear and car brands. Throughout Tyler’s work you can spy design concepts that have been conceptualised with these kinds of products in mind. Perhaps a glimpse of things to come!

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Tyler’s passion for design developed when he was very young. “It’s always been an underlying passion of mine. I was very interested in graffiti when I was younger and that sort of stuff, so as I got a bit older I chose to pursue art during high school… I didn’t know that this was exactly what I was going to find my way to, but yeah!”

Going through Tyler’s now-extensive portfolio, the evolution of his design style over the years becomes extremely apparent. “Looking back at what I was doing a few years ago and before I went to JMC, my design work was a lot more childish. There was a lot of street art styled stuff… I think I leaned that way so much because I didn’t really know what I was doing. Once I started to learn and see more things in visual design, I was able to progress to develop my own style and find new inspirations”.

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Looking back on his time studying Design at JMC, Tyler is thankful for the lessons (academic and in life) he has learned from the experience. “One of the stand out things for me at JMC was that I felt as though everyone was on the same wavelength in a way. We all had similar passions and I made a lot of friends at JMC that I still see and keep in contact with”. Overall, Tyler has learned that having passion for the work you do will make you that much better at it. “Having people reach out to you because of what you do is awesome. I’ve been to events and met people who have gone ‘Oh, you did a great job on this!’ and it’s your first time meeting them but they’re already putting your name to your work. That’s always a fantastic feeling”.

To anyone that loves design and art, Tyler’s best advice would be “If you love what you’re doing then definitely pursue it. I wish I had started to pursue design a bit earlier… But as I have said, there’s so many pathways you can go down. There’s so many problems to solve and it’s a fantastic industry to be in. You can express yourself and evoke emotion in people walking by. As soon as I stepped inside JMC I knew it was the place for me too. I could tell it was full of creatives and everyone was there to express themselves”.

You can see more of Tyler's work via his Instagram page.

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