As the Country Presenting Partner and the Key Education Partner, JMC Academy wore dual hats (or should we say cowboy hats?) and wore them with style. Embracing the role of championing country music's evolution and resilience in a rapidly changing musical landscape, JMC showcased the authenticity and depth that this genre brings to the table. The partnership underscored JMC's dedication to fostering a robust foundation for emerging artists, ensuring they are equipped with the skills and experiences to navigate the challenges and rewards of the industry.

And the culmination of this collaboration? 

JMC Academy was thrilled to take the lead as the Country Presenting Partner, steering the BIGSOUND Country Takeover at Brisbane's renowned venue, The Brightside. It was more than just an event; it was an electrifying fusion of networking, showcasing, and celebrating the country talent that's setting the Australian music scene alight. The night was a vibrant blend of industry interaction and riveting performances, highlighting the pulsating energy and creativity that's inherent to country music.

Check out what our interns had to say

Looking back, JMC's role in BIGSOUND can be seen as a string of high notes in a country ballad of success. The partnership, the student involvement, the shindigs, the lasting memories—they all draw up a canvas of growth, camaraderie, and a collective love for the melody of music. As the last tune of this BIGSOUND fades out, the buzz for the next jamboree starts stirring. Here's to lining up many more jams brimming with fresh ideas and hearty tunes.