Working in live events is a tad unpredictable at the moment since the 'pandemic that must not be named' but we promise it isn’t as futile as you might think right now!

When you think of what roles are available in the entertainment management sector, what comes to mind? Usually you'll associate roles based around live music festivals and stage production management to the entertainment industry, but that's just scratching the surface. Not only are these roles diverse in nature, there's also room to pursue a career as a Content Creator, Media Publisher, Technical Director, Social Media Strategist, Distributor and Co-Ordinator for any industry.

One of the most unappreciated job roles that come to mind is that of Entrepreneur. You've seen about 10% of your Instagram friends throw Entrepreneur in their bio a job title (or personality trait), but there's much more merit to the title than meets the eye.

As an Entrepreneur, students develop the skills to build their own business from idea creation to business fruition. Think starting your own record label, not-for-profit or events company, creating or managing a streaming platform, running a livestream event series or business expo experience, there's endless opportunities. 

So, you know that you want to work in the entertainment industry and you also know you want to be highly employable, generate a good income and have the capabilities to run your own business as a freelancer. The question is, how do you go about putting your ambition into practice?

Want to study Entertainment Business Management at JMC?

At JMC, we're re-writing the book on Business Management learning. This course is an entertainment focused learning experience where students graduate with the same broad and highly employable business management skills of a mainstream course offering. Our unique specialty? We dedicate time and resources to allow you to create professional networks, portfolios, industry knowledge, take part in internship and volunteering opportunities, all based within the arts.

Hone in on the opportunity to study a course that teaches you the hard, highly employable and desired skills of the industry, alongside the unique chance to pursue a passion or business pursuit in artistic practice.

Around a third - 34% to be exact - of leading media and entertainment executives agreed that they needed to "reinvent their business or it would cease to exist in five years", while 50% stated that they could "no longer rely on traditional business models to power future success", which is where you come in.

The repercussions from the 'pandemic that must not be named' and moving away from relying on face to face events to generate entertainment success has forced industry leaders to activate transformation plans, create lenient turn around times and experiment at lightning speed. With an entrepreneur skill set and the industry tools taught by JMC, this is the perfect time for you to enter the industry with your fresh perspective and recreate entertainment business management roles and adapt to the current climate of innovative accessibility across technology platforms.

What do you get out of JMC Academy's Entertainment Business Management Course?

JMC is committed to providing our students with the highly transferable cutting-edge business and management skills needed to make it in this highly competitive and rapidly expanding industry. The EBM Bachelor Degree in particular gives you the skills, confidence and know-how to do just that!

Meet the people that matter, get real-world experience in stage and production management, music publishing, talent management and event management, and gain an innate understanding of the entertainment industry, how to manage it and how to be the experts at what goes on behind-the-scenes.  

Once you've graduated with an EBM degree, you'll have a greater opportunity to apply for positions which are not only entertainment industry based, but other job roles within the fields of communication, administration, and management that are available across every industry in need of event and management services. 

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