JMC Game Design Alumni Tim and Desmond Sutcliffe have just successfully released their first gaming app onto GooglePlay – introducing Wacky Warriors!

Wacky Warriors is a 1 on 1 battle game that has drawn inspiration from the classic ‘Rock, Paper Scissors’ model that everyone has played at least once in their life. The game uses trading cards to summon characters into the game – the ‘Warriors’.

“Our Nephews and Nieces love collecting Pokémon cards but the game was too complex for them to play. So we thought ‘what’s the most basic game that any kid can play and understand fully?' Rock Paper Scissors. From there, we developed our art into our own unique style which is a mixture of different franchises that we loved since our childhood, including Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog, Namco Bandai’s Digimon, Felix the Cat and even Anime’s popular art style ‘Chibi’ to complete the design.”
Tim and Desmond Sutcliffe, Game Design Alumni

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After what was a year in the making of developing Wacky Warriors, Head of Animation and Games, Mark Dickie, arranged a ‘Game Testing day’ on JMC’s Brisbane Campus.“The game testing day allowed us to see first-hand players reactions and get some high-quality feedback which has even sparked friendships with a few current students.”

When we asked what was next for the Sutcliffe brother’s, they assured us they weren’t done with the app yet, “We feel that Wacky Warriors is just beginning and has a lot more content coming. We plan on trying to build up Wacky Warriors into a Franchise bigger than just one app. We have plans for a Wacky Warrior tie-in game which is in development for Mobile devices and we are going to attempt short animations to host on YouTube."

Pictured: Tim & Desmond Sutcliffe with their game 'Wacky Warriors'

A big congratulations to Tim and Desmond from JMC Academy! We are very proud of the work you guys are doing and are looking forward to see what’s to come with Wacky Warriors! 

Download Wacky Warriors on Google Play Here

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