Succeeding as a Musician doesn’t have to be a fantasy, you can make it your reality.

Music can change the way people think, feel and experience situations and behind every piece of music is a musician who wrote and performed it. There are heaps of jobs available in the Music Industry, and not all of those are centre stage. 

Take a look at some of the Incredible Roles you could work in, bringing music into your life every day...

Musical/Film Composer

Imagine listening to your piece on the big screen while major Hollywood actors star alongside YOUR music. Composing for musicals and film is a path many musicians could take. Becoming a Musical or Film composer may lead you to opportunities within stage, TV, movies or animation based productions. 

Director of Music

The Director of Music can apply to a variety of situations, including directing the sound for an orchestra or band, event or production. They are in charge of making sure everyone knows the music they should be performing, and working to ensure the Musical direction matches and runs smoothly.

Music direction can also cover managing and hiring a band or a full orchestra for various events. They could be band leaders, orchestral conductors or they can help with arranging or composing charts or orchestral scores for various artists. They must be familiar with using industry-standard software programs like Protools, Ableton, Logic, GarageBand, Qlab and Main Stage to help create click tracks and rehearsal tracks for singers, dancers and musicians.  

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Music Therapist

It is known by music fanatics that music has healing power. It is proven to lift your spirits - so by engaging groups that assist children, the elderly and special needs to name a few, your music can put a smile on all types of faces. Being a music therapist is a niche field within the industry, and allows your music to also help those dealing with anxiety, stress or emotional, physical and wellbeing issues. An AMTA accredited tertiary course is required to be a music therapist.

Music Journalist

A music journalist reports on music news, interviews musicians, reviews albums and concerts and generally has all the know-how about the music industry. They need to be up to date on a variety of genres, artists and be fully integrated into the music scene. 

Recording Artist

With some of the best Audio consoles in Australia sitting right in JMC’s studios, it’s no wonder so many of our Music students produce and record their own music during their studies. With an SSL Duality on each campus, students can team up with an Audio Engineering student to become a recording artist from the get-go. 

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Music Arranger / Transcriber

Artists often require Music Arrangers to arrange songs for different bands and ensembles. They help reconceptualise songs and they can write individual extracted parts for each instrument. There are times when major record labels need to transcribe recorded songs so they can be sent to the publisher. This is where a Music Arranger can transcribe the audio recording onto industry-standard software programs like Sibelius or Final and create a lead sheet or full orchestral chart.

Music Teacher

Inspire the younger generations and get to play music every day as a music teacher. You could go on to privately tutor straight from your Music degree, or with some further study, teach in primary or high schools.  Teaching can be one of the most rewarding jobs, and combining that with your passion is surely a winning combo! 

There are so many other roles and opportunities that come from studying Music, learning different genres and networking. To just name a few, you could also become a Songwriter, Copyright Specialist, Resident Musician, Music Consultant, Tour Promoter, Arranger, Music Programmer and so much more. 

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