There is a heap of incredible jobs you could pursue from studying Audio Engineering and Sound Production including the obvious audio engineer and sound producer roles, but what other job roles could you get?

Audio Forensics

For those crime buffs out there, a career in Audio Forensics might be the perfect path for you. Forensic Audio Engineers analyse files for continuity and tampering, cleaning very poor quality recorded audio and enhancing dialogue on covert recordings. You might transcribe audio, identify the devices used to make the recording, or make an analysis of sonic evidence to reconstruct a crime.

JMC Academy alumni Chris Jackson freelances as a forensic audio engineer for New South Wales Police and says "It is simultaneously one of the coolest and yet (sometimes) creepiest things I’ve ever done." "I’ve been very lucky to work in almost every area of aspect of the audio industry from band recordings, to post productions, to now working with forensic audio teams for the NSW Police. I am given a range of audio samples such as an audio bug from a car, a phone in a pocket, or even CTV footage and are charged with deciphering voices, removing noise and crackle that obstructs those voices and introduce a series of noise reduction plugins, eq, limiting, and manual edits to remove as much unwanted sounds as possible."

Live Sound Engineer

Live sound engineers operate the front of house or fold back mixing consoles during a live performance, sound checks, and are also responsible for the placing of equipment in preparation for any live production sets. This work is required for festivals, theatre shows, concerts, comedy shows or any live production that requires sound. 

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Engineering acoustics deals with sound waves moving within a space, utilizing sound measuring instruments of all kinds. An acoustician ‘treats’ a room through calculating angles and sound reflections to get rid of unwanted frequencies and to make a room ‘feel’ live or dead. They can tune rooms to whatever the space needs, for example, the music will appear quieter at the bar so you can order your drinks, or louder at the dance floor, or even tune a room so that a voice on a stage can be heard at the back of a 1000 person audience. 

Military Intelligence Audio Engineer

Radar and sonar operators monitor the sophisticated equipment that bounces radio or sound waves off objects to determine their location and to measure distance. This can be used for many things such as tracking aircraft and missiles, determining positions of ships and submarines, directing artillery fire, forecasting weather, and aiding navigation. 

Recording or Studio Engineer

Recording engineers work in recording studios, often working equipment necessary for capturing voice or instrumental performances. Recording studios may specialize in recording professional musicians, voices and/or jingles for television commercials, or even voices and/or music for video games.  

Working in the Audio Industry

"It is simultaneously one of the coolest and yet (sometimes) creepiest things I’ve ever done" Chris Jackson


Audiologists test hearing and assess the nature of hearing disorders. This role is responsible for the non-medical management and rehabilitation of hearing loss and associated disorders of communication.  They are also responsible for the creation and administration of sound loss prevention tools.

Post Production

Post Production Audio Engineers specialise in Foley, Automatic dialogue replacement (ADR) and general sound effect. The tools of audio post-production can be as low-tech as a fist and a sirloin steak (for the most realistic punches) or as high tech as a sprawling mixing console powered by the latest digital editing software.

Remember, wherever there is sound, there is an audio engineer and therefore, a job available!

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