It’s an easy trap to fall in to.

The trap of wanting to further your studies in an industry that you are genuinely passionate about but you find yourself continuing to make excuses to yourself like ‘it might not be a great idea’ or ‘is it really possible right now". We are here to tell you that they are just that, excuses. Here are 5 reasons why you should stop putting off furthering studying your passion, let's dive right in.

It's never too late!

Take the plunge and make yourself the happiest and best version of yourself that you can be.

You’re never “too old” to change career paths

Sure, you may have spent a few years of your life studying or completing an apprenticeship for the job you have now and you feel like because of this, you have to stick it out, even if you’re not happy. This should not be the case. You need to remember how much of your life is spent at work and that your job has a direct effect on your general happiness.

Studying something you are passionate about will change your life for the better and allow you to wake up every morning with a smile on your face before work. JMC Academy also allows you to complete your Bachelor’s degree in 2 years or a Bachelor's AND Master’s degree in just 3 years. When you think about the years you will be spending at work, that short amount of time is nothing in comparison.

Money shouldn’t be an issue

It’s understandable to be a bit freaked out about the thought of stepping away from your full-time paycheck, even if it is in pursuit of your dream. Trust us when we tell you, it’s not as bad as you think it will be. First of all, FEE-HELP is available which will allow you to not have to fork out the initial costs of studying. You will still have plenty of time during the week to work part-time as the majority of our students do. 

A lot of our students even end up landing part-time jobs in the industry during their studies through their lecturers or after completing an internship. If you are still concerned about not being able to earn enough while studying full-time, part-time study options are available and allow you to have a bit of a better work-study balance, with evening options a possibility.

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You won’t necessarily be “surrounded by high school leavers”

Not everybody that studies at JMC comes straight out of high school. Gap years for travel, career changes or just taking some time away from the classroom sees each campus filled with a great mixture of students of all ages. The mix of fresh high school graduates and mature age students starting during any of our February, June, and September intakes often creates a great, creative environment with ideas coming from many different places and experiences.

You’re not sure if a piece of paper will help you?

If you’re worried that a piece of paper won’t do much, you’re right. The paper that you get at the end of your course is just a symbol to remind you that you did something amazing and finished your degree. What will help you is what you got whilst earning that piece of paper.

Getting hands-on experience and skills taught by industry professionals is what will help you. You will leave after completing your course with an insight into what it will take to succeed in your new industry, the skills to make sure that you do and a network of people you have just spent the last few years with that will all be going into the same industry you are. You are studying to learn and grow, not just for the piece of paper.

You won’t forgive yourself if you don’t 

If pursuing further studies of a field that you are passionate about is something you think about often, then not taking the opportunity to do it when you can is something you will regret. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18, 25, or 40 years old, if you are truly passionate and have a chance to make it what you get paid to do every day, you won’t be completely happy and content until you do. Take the plunge and make yourself the happiest and best version of yourself that you can be.

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