JMC Academy is a pioneering creative arts institution with almost four decades of experience in preparing students for the creative industries. The Master of Creative Industries provides a springboard for your professional career through a combination of practical experience and academic inquiry. At the core of this course is the process of conceptualising and developing a unique creative idea that can be developed to the point where by graduation it should be market-ready. Your project could be anything from producing a contemporary music performance to developing a major dance company or even directing a short film: the possibilities are endless.
This course gives you the space to explore innovative ideas, develop concepts and produce an incredible product at the end of your two-year program. Not only does it offer practical knowledge, in-depth research, and development skills; it also helps you build your creative network, which is crucial in this field. 


The creative industries are considered to be an integral part of contemporary Australia. They drive innovation and have the ability to translate creativity to commercial profit. A SGS Economics and Planning report found that this growing industry adds nearly $45.89 billion to the country’s GDP annually. The Australian government recognises the importance of this sector: in addition to its economic contribution, it is instrumental in furthering cultural diversity and inclusion.  
According to a report on Australia’s Cultural and Creative Economy (published in Oct 2020), employment in the creative industries has been fuelling economic growth this century and is expected to continue to do so. This may be one of the reasons for the increased demand from international students for formal educational programs related to the creative industries.


This program is designed to provide its students with a deeper understanding of what drives the industry. The highlights of this course include - 
  • Comprehensive learning experience: The curriculum covers a range of topics, including research methods, data gathering and principles for analysis. It aims to build your skills in a variety of ways, from developing your ability to track consumer trends to enhancing your knowledge of best practices.   
  • Advantageous learning environment: One of the key benefits of choosing this course in Australia is that you will be part of a class with a small number of students. This ensures that each student can benefit from individual attention from their lecturer. 
  • Prepare for the industry: The digital communication and tech skills that this course will impart to you are important tools in assessing the impact of tech advancements on the connection between the community and creativity, enabling individuals to implement tech to improve their own projects. With the support of this course, students can learn the value of the creative economy and to generate an income through a field that they are passionate about.  
  • A project to showcase your skills: The course is designed to enable students to learn the skills and critical thinking necessary for them to build their individual projects, with the aim of making them applicable to the commercial domain. The projects can be chosen from a number of different areas, including visual communication, audio entertainment, songwriting, film and television production and game design. As this diverse selection suggests, you can pick almost any specialisation in the creative industries that you want to pursue.  
  • Management tools: You will be empowered with business management principles that are instrumental in driving entrepreneurship in the creative industries and, specifically, your chosen field. You will learn project management and design as well as being introduced to the latest business developments in the field you have chosen for your project. Through concept development demos and extrapolation from these learnings, you will be able to acquire the technical skills required to evaluate the final version of your project.
  • Build a portfolio: Your project is at the heart of the course and is a skill-based way to showcase your creative abilities and range of techniques. As highlighted above, putting together this project requires not just creative talent but also other abilities required to manage a project, including business management and tech. 

Create your professional network as you study

In this field, furthering your career depends on good networking skills and referrals as well as on talent. JMC Academy recognises this as an important factor in your career growth. They help facilitate collaboration with innovators and important figures in the creative industries, matched to each individual’s specialisation. 
Students have access to lecturers who are connected to the current industry and they are encouraged to take advantage of the strong network as well as internship and work opportunities that come their way. 


This course prepares graduates to work across the industry in positions of leadership, self-employment and as senior creatives. 

Working in Australia

After graduating from this two-year course in either Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, international students can apply for a Post-Study Work Visa. Only those who have completed their university level courses are eligible. The time period of this visa is usually between two and four years and enables you to bring members of your family over. It also paves the way for you to apply for the Work Stream PR Visa.
Other common routes that put you on the pathway to apply for permanent residency include the Family Stream PR Visa pathway and the Business or Investment Stream pathway. 

Careers in the industry

Graduates of this course can thrive in a wide range of areas across the creative industries. Here are some of the roles that you would be equipped to explore -
  • Producer for Film (independent), Television, Music and Radio programs  
  • Script Writer and Writing Supervisor
  • Writing & Editing, Writing Supervisor 
  • Director
  • Content Creator and Content Director
  • Project Manager
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Creative Head
  • Creative Director
  • Online Publisher/Manager
  • Music Composer
  • Visual Designer
  • Supervisor for Design


You are eligible to apply for this post-graduate program if you have completed a bachelor degree or have work experience in a relevant field.  It is recommended that you include a proposal that outlines the project you intend to work on through the program. Including a portfolio of your work is also encouraged.  As part of the admissions process, you will also be interviewed by the JMC Academy’s Master of Creative Industries Head of Department. If you need assistance with this or a visa process, contact international educational specialists who can give you advice and feedback as required.

English language requirement

International students will need to demonstrate proficiency in the English language with an IELTS score of 6.5 (or equivalent) in the Academic test. The score of no band should fall below 6. 


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