Come for the freebies, stay for the surprises.

1. How many career paths actually exist across different industries.

We can’t tell you how many times we have heard people say “I didn’t know that was a job!” at our open days. Really, this is the number one reason why exploring the possibilities and your options is so important! Part of choosing what to study is having a thorough understanding about where your studies might take you, so attending an open day will help you to make a more informed choice by allowing you to consider all of the possibilities.

2. Finding out how closely our courses work with one another.

Regularly in the creative industries, different disciplines will collaborate to produce amazing projects. Think about your favorite film. That took Screenwriters, Film makers, Actors, Audio Engineers, Animators (+ another 300 crew). That environment is something we are proud to emulate here at JMC! Through collaborative coursework and cross-faculty events, JMC creates its own creative microcosm so that you’re better equipped for what you’ll experience in your future career (in whatever creative field you might choose!).

3. How different studying at JMC is compared to big universities. 

We always say it, and yet people continue to be surprised! No two tertiary providers are the same, but when you compare JMC to larger universities and colleges the differences become pretty obvious. When you’re studying, factors like class sizes, teacher to student communications and study flexibility can make a world of difference. Knowing about these clear differences has the power to make or break your study experience.

4. The amazing campus facilities

Another common trend across our open days is the excitement of someone discovering a piece of tech they never knew existed (can relate). With a no-compromise approach to keeping our campuses on the cutting edge of new creative tech and filled to the brim with incredible and experienced teaching personnel, there is no such thing as leaving an open day uninspired. Make sure to take the time to check out our world class recording studios, blockbuster movie making cameras, liver performance spaces, acting studios, gaming labs and so so SO much more.

5. How old we are

What can we say, we’re just really good for our age 🤸 In all seriousness though, folks are constantly surprised to learn that JMC is Australia’s oldest education provider for the creative industries. With over 40 years in the biz, we have witnessed Australia’s creative sector evolve to become one of the best in the world- and have played a vital role in educating the minds that have got it there! There is simply no replacement for lived industry experience and it’s one of the things that set our courses apart from the rest!

6. How ~approachable~ tertiary studies can be

Choosing where to study can be a super daunting process, with many lifestyle factors to be considered. Part of attending open day is learning about how you can incorporate studies into your life without making compromises on the things that really matter to you. As any JMC student will tell you, life doesn’t need to go on pause whilst you pursue further education. As a commitment to your life and your future, a study plan that suits your needs is always the best option. We’re determined to help you strike that balance.


Whether you’re just starting out on your tertiary journey or looking for something new, we know that you will walk out of a JMC Open Day with big dreams for your future, new mates and new connections to our current students, alumni and staff. So, what are you waiting for!? Register your interest today.

JMC Academy January Open Days!