Fear of failing has stopped many from trying, something you have experienced in way or another

Where many have understood failure as a sign of weakness or the world presenting you with a big fat "STOP" sign, others will embrace it as a learning experience and a chance to change the outcomes of their actions to something of a success.

If you've been keeping an eye on JMC's socials, you'll know we've been teaming up with some of the best in the creative industry to present exclusive Masterclasses in their respective field and talk about the journey they've been on throughout their careers. From directing a film for Netflix like Kitty Green to leading the development of festivals such as Laneway and CMC Rocks like Matthew Lazarus Hall and everything in between, all these creative professionals have had one thing in common, successes and failures. Each of their stories has seen them face countless obstacles, most recently the events of COVID-19, sharing how they’ve learned to deal with the outcomes and come back bigger and better in the long run.

Want to hear from the best in the Industry?

As our Masterclass series continues, we are seeing a massive theme in each individual’s takeaway from their journey to success – do not be afraid. The creative industry is constantly changing, and for the better. There are more opportunities now than ever to have your voices heard, your ideas considered, and your insights built upon. Learning from others is so beneficial to growing as a professional, helping you reach your fullest potential and improve your focus in achieving your goals. These are your greatest teachers towards the marathon to success, this ain’t no sprint.

So, if Michael Jordan can be cut from his high school basketball team for not being good enough to become one of the greatest players of our generation (and star alongside the Looney Tunes – hello Space Jam), there is absolutely nothing you can lose from failing. Take every opportunity, success or failure, as a stepping stone towards achieving your goals and thriving in an industry dedicated to trying, trying and trying again.

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