Poor Sydney and Melbourne, stuck in lockdown whilst our Brisbane campus enjoy their freedom! One thing’s for certain, we know how boring lockdown can be. The feeling is all too familiar, you have exhausted your Netflix watch list, mindlessly scrolled on TikTok for 3 hours and the book that has been staring at you from your shelf all year just isn’t tempting enough to pick up.

To help cure your lockdown boredom, we have put together a collection of our favourite new work by JMC’s Film, Animation and Music students, check them out!

True Blue

Written and Directed by Bronwyn Bernardin

Lisa, her husband John, & their young son Tom are a young farming family, suffering through drought. With their livelihood on the line, in order to save their family, they must make a decision that will alter their lives forever.

Pizza Deliverance

Written and Directed by Charnstar Anderson

When Pizza Palace driver Mike discovers something unsettling at the home of his favourite customer, he sets out with his trainee Shenae to ensure '100% Customer Satisfaction', no matter the cost.


Created by Sarah Elliott, Daina Roche, Jessica Combes, Chantal Finnier, Fynlay Pleasance

Elina has followed all the rules in life, highschool, get a degree, get a job, but finds she isn’t satisfied. Stuck in the rut of a 9 to 5 job that she is constantly failing at, she thinks there is no way out, and begins to accept her reality. Locked up deep inside is a part of her that won’t give up, and longs to explore the world and be part of nature. This part of her leaps up into the real world and reminds Elina of her forgotten dreams. It shows her the world map she marked with her travel plans as young teen, and her shoebox filled with postcards and pictures of all around the world. She remembers this part of herself that never wanted to be part of the 9 to 5 working life, and decides to walk away from it, and instead live her dream of exploring the world.


To Catch a Bunyip

Written and Directed by Bradley Gillow

In order to save her elder sister from sickness, a young and imaginative girl ventures to the billabong in search for a miracle.


Directed by Emma Jane Gaisbauer  

Lydia is a short film about an exotic dancer who has an unusual encounter with a customer, that changes her perspective of her job.

This film is suited to a mature audience (15+) and comes with a content warning.



Created by Fynlay Pleasance

Dreaming is about a woman exploring her dreams with her dream fairy whilst appreciating the wonder of it all. JMC Student, Fynlay took on this project to showcase the skills she had learnt whilst studying Animation- from modelling, texturing, animating, lighting and finally compositing. Keep watching post credits to understand how Dreaming was made!

On Your Hands – Elysha Caulkett

Music Video directed by Connor Armitage

Therapist – Maddie Cooper

Music Video Directed by Jacob Shrimpton

Thanks for checking out our latest collection of student work! If you are interested in learning the skills to bring your ideas to life through a career in Film, you should explore JMC's Bachelor’s in Film and TV Production here.

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