Practice Practice Practice, that’s how you succeed as a musician, right?

It sounds about right until you consider all the logistics of actually making money, managing your time, navigating the music industry, organising a tour or gigs, marketing yourself, managing your copyright, making deals, sorting contracts….The list goes on and on. 

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just getting up and performing, you need to know the ins and outs of the music business. JMC's Entertainment Business Management course contains units tailored to help you succeed in these important areas of the Music Industry. 

Tour Management

Knowing how to make a tour work to your advantage is essential when you are putting it together. Studying Entertainment Business will expand your knowledge and help you identify important areas of a tour that can often be forgotten but that are vital to your success. During the course, you will plan a tour for an entertainment product of your choice (including your own band). Your planning will incorporate all elements of tour management including sourcing venues, legal and contractual requirements, financial viability, logistics, HR, transport, and production. By the end, with the help of industry professional event organisers, you will have created a comprehensive and viable tour strategy and manual that can be put to use in the industry! Basically, you will get industry professional help to plan your tour so it WORKS.

Happy Mag sat down with JMC Entertainment Business Management alumni Savilian to find out how his course helped his music career.

Copyright and Publishing

If you want to get paid right and protect your work, understanding copyright and publishing law is a MUST. By building your knowledge of Intellectual Property and all of its aspects including copyright and the functions and responsibilities of publishing companies, you will be able to protect your work, ensure it is being handled correctly and ensure that anyone you make deals with are holding up their end. This can relate to all work, whether it be music, literacy, dramatic or artistic and will allow you to apply these IP principles in both a traditional and digital context. By the end, you will be well versed and up to date on all copyright and publishing laws, so you can apply them to your events, projects and deals.

“It’s important to network, find opportunities for events and production and find people good people that you can trust”
EBM Alumni, Savillian

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Entertainment Marketing

So now that you’ve made an awesome new track, how do you get it out and make sure the world hear it? The future is here, and knowing how to promote your work and capture people’s attention in the digital world is the best way to launch yourself into stardom. During this course, you will learn the key principles and methodologies accepted by the wider entertainment industry. This will allow you to apply these practices directly to your project in the music industry and have the highest chance of success with each of your digital marketing campaigns. 

“Only way that you will succeed is if you know the background”
EBM Student, Elle Flanagan

Funding Your Entertainment Business Project

Whether it’s recording an album or planning a tour, one thing you will always need is money. Examining and understanding different financial options available to help fund your projects will give you the best chance of securing those vital dollar bills that you’ll need. You will learn the details surrounding how each type of funding works, the best way to source it, the nitty-gritty of securing it and then the most effective way to spend it.

Digital Content Creation

We already know we need to be strategic about how we market our content, but what is the best content to create and when is the best time to create it? In the digital age of disruption that we currently live in, everyone is watching everything which means you MUST set yourself apart from the crowd. To engage your audience, you need more than your music. You need a brand. You need to tell your story through content and ensure that it is being created for the audience you intend. This unit will teach you just that, how to build your brand, tell your story and create quality content that goes to the right place at the right time.  

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These are only a small number of the areas that will be explored when studying Entertainment Business Management at JMC. The transferrable skills you will learn in this course will be key to your success in the industry. Not only will you have the know-how, but you will also have an entire portfolio of industry-standard work waiting to be put into action and a network of established and up and coming industry professionals to go with it. Know the industry that you love inside and out.