JMC have partnered with Year 13 to bring the Backstage Class Module to life! Did we mention there are 3x 10K JMC scholarships up for grabs?

You’ve experienced everything music festivals have to offer. From pulling your mates into a group chat after a line up drops and meticulously planning the festival day around the set-times to eagerly clicking “Going” on the Facebook festival event page (because if it’s not Facebook official, it never happened)

Then, it’s finally here. A day of dancing in a field somewhere with the live music pumping.

But what if you could create that experience for millions of others?

Behind every speaker, performer, and exhibitor out on a stage, in a gallery or at a stadium, there’s a dedicated team of people who scouted the talent, helped build the audience and gathered all the nuts and bolts needed to put on an unreal show.

What’s life as a talent manager like? What even is a PR Campaign or entertainment marketing? What do I need to consider in terms of permits, licensing, accessibility and troubleshooting when it comes to events (whether they’re IRL or online!)

The world of entertainment business management is an exciting place with a tonne of roles and projects! That’s why we’ve teamed up with Year 13 to create the ‘Backstage Class’, giving you the inside scoop on this industry.

Backstage Class will let you take a deep dive into what happens behind the scenes in the entertainment business and management industry. Not to mention, you’ll learn what goes into designing a festival!

Then, when you’ve read each section, it’s time to put your new knowledge to the test and tell us how you would plan, promote or put on an event that would change the world.

Will it be virtual? What will the acts be? How will you promote it? What will you consider?

Go as wild as you want! Send us a vid, write us a note, or even email us a ‘you beaut’ Powerpoint presentation and we’ll judge it for the top prize (a scholarship valued at $10K!). Take a look over here for all the deets.