Every year, JMC Academy holds Workshops for High School students to give them a taste of our courses and a chance to have fun on campus!

With workshops on offer like Recording a Band, Electronic Music Production or Character and Life Drawing to name a few, help high school students get a feel of the kind of content we teach at JMC Academy and a chance for you to understand that the creative industry is a viable career path for you.

There are heaps of reasons why attending a workshop would be beneficial for you as a budding creative, but in case you're still wondering, we've put together our list of reasons!

1. Meet New People

It’s always a great time when you meet new friends that are interested in the same things as you. These could potentially be your future classmates or contacts in the industry, or you could just enjoy your time making friends and trying out new equipment!

2. Check out the campus

JMC Academy’s campuses in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney have state-of-the-art equipment used in all of our workshops, so this is the perfect opportunity to check it out!

3. Get a Taste Test of the Course

Attend one workshop or attend them all to test which course you may prefer or which course content you want to learn more about! Hear from Georgia, a previous High School Workshop Attendee below!

“It was very enjoyable and the process of recording at a professional studio was fascinating!"

These workshops are often a snapshot into what you could be studying in the future as a JMC student, so dive in and find out if this is the course for you!

4. Have Holiday Fun

What a great way to spend your school holidays!

Instead of sitting at home playing games on your phone, why not come and see what's happening behind the scenes of how a game is created, or if you are a film guru, come and get some tips on how to improve your skills for home videos!

5. Try out Industry Professional Equipment

Our workshops introduce students to industry professional equipment, giving you the chance to play around on Audio desks, Film and TV Production camera and editing equipment, Animation and Game Development software and much more!

“The facilities and equipment available at JMC was very impressive. It was amazing being able to USE and see professional equipment.”

6. Be Prepared

If you’re planning to start a creative course, turning up to your course already knowing the basics about the equipment, terminology and possibilities is a great stepping stone in beginning your creative career.

7. Put it in your portfolio

If you are applying for a course here at JMC and we can see you have attended a workshop, or any activity to do with the course you're planning to take, it can help solidify your passion for the industry, and make you more likely to be accepted.

Don't miss out on your spot!

Tickets for our upcoming July workshops are on sale now.

Want to know more?

At JMC, we believe that every High School Student should have the chance to learn about the realities of entering the creative industry and the opportunities available for those who choose this path, which is where our Creative Scope Team come in. JMC Academy’s dedicated high school outreach program for teachers, parents, Career Advisors, Career Practitioners and students, our team help you navigate through the huge amount of information on creative careers and industries.

If you would like your school to visit JMC and have a true on-campus student experience or if you would like our Creative Scope Team to visit your school, get your teacher to send an enquiry form using the link here.

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