Entertainment Business Management is about being an expert at what goes on behind-the-scenes, from talent management to digital marketing, social media strategy, event planning, production, publishing and distribution

Studying Entertainment Business Management can lead to a wide variety of jobs, so we have put together a list of just a small fraction of the areas you could go on to work as an... 

Artist Manager

Artist managers represent often one or more entertainment groups or artists and oversee all aspects of an act's career. They could manage any manner of acts from musicians, to comedians or actors. They deal with and advise their acts on all business decisions, manage their schedule, work with any other third parties, and have an input on the creative decisions an artist must make, attempting to guide the artist's rise to the top.

EBM Students Interning at Partnership Events

Booking Agent / Talent Agent

Booking agents work to find new and great talent and secure performance engagements for acts. They must use their good communication and people skills to sell talent and develop contacts in the music industry. They often work closely with an act's manager and may be involved in setting the fee and negotiating with promoters or clubs. A booking agent is usually paid a percentage of the negotiated fee for an act's performance.

After graduating from JMC Academy one of our alumni worked as a Casting Scout on The Voice Australia!


There are a variety of roles within Marketing that could be entered through an Entertainment Business Management degree. The role of a Publicist or PR Manager encompasses numerous aspects of publicity and press needs associated with the company, artist or event they are working with. Specific Jobs could include anything between writing press releases, distributing them to media outlets, and arranging interviews.

In modern-day marketing, there are also a large variety of digital roles available including online advertising, Social Media Management and Digital Marketing Management. These all involve understanding your product, artist or company well enough to be able to communicate effectively to the target audience and achieve call to actions. 

Event Manager

In charge of organising different events of varying sizes, Event Managers are responsible for every aspect of the event to ensure it goes off without a hitch. From budgeting to organising staff, venues, timings, acts and ticketing, the Event Manager could be in charge of events varying from weddings, to corporate, festivals to parties.

Pictured: EBM Alumni Hayden working at Dreamfield Festival

Tour Manager

The tour manager, slightly different to the Event Manager, is responsible for coordinating all the facets of an act's tour, including travel, lodging, booking and coordinating all shows throughout the tour, and budgeting for all expenses.  A tour manager often finds the act, and contacts venues or booking agents to organise the act’s appearance. 

Venue Manager

If you fancy branching out on your own as an entrepreneur, then venue managing could be the way for you. As a venue manager, you may be in charge of the licensing, managing the staff, booking any events or working with event or tour managers to arrange an act and all general care of the venue. As a business degree, the Entertainment Business Management course at JMC Academy prepares you for the potentially difficult job of owning your own business. 

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Publishing & Copyright Manager

The main responsibilities involved here is acquiring song copyrights and publishing them. Once the music publisher finds music that they can copyright, every time that piece is played, they can then make a profit from it. You would have to have a very strong knowledge of all of the copyright laws because as the publisher, you would be responsible for ensuring there is no copyright infringement and/ or unauthorised use of the material.

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The Entertainment Business Management course provides you with a range of skills that can be transferrable into so many jobs, such as management, organisation, teamwork, networking, and budget managing. 

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