There's nothing we miss more than being able to go see a live show or production and support our local artists, but a group of Alumni are getting creative with a Live Stream Performance of the Shakespeare classic Macbeth to make this possible!

With live theatre work at a stand-still due to the COVID-19 pandemic, director Sean O’Riordan applied for a Quick Response Grant from the City of Sydney Council, with a vision to give performers and crew the opportunity to work on an innovative project during the shutdown. 

An original and surreal take on Shakespeare’s story of the warrior who would be king of Scotland, this installation is presented by Barestage Theatre as they embark on the journey of Live Streaming their first production for three consecutive nights.

Between Friday 25th September and Sunday 27th September 2020, join the crew for a performance at Darlo Drama Theatre without moving a muscle. 

With each ticket sale, 100% of the funds will go towards paying the hard-working cast and crew of Macbeth - The Installation, with the option to pay anywhere between $20 to $100 on a "pay what you can" basis that will further the teams' ability to continue working and bringing creativity to their viewers.

Utilising new filming technology, which gives audiences multiple settings in one theatre space with actors interacting live, Barestage Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth promises an exciting live theatre experience set in the mind of Lady Macbeth as she plunges off the battlements.

We'd like to give a huge shout-out to all the JMC Alumni who are a part of the Barestage Team and taking part in the Macbeth Performances!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy live theatre from your living room and purchase a ticket to Macbeth - The Installation at Trybooking.