In a world that's constantly evolving, the pursuit of professional and personal growth is a journey as timeless as the rhythms in our favourite songs.

In the creative industries, a sustainable career is not just an aspiration reserved for the young, fresh-faced artists who seem to burst onto the scene with boundless energy and unbridled passion. The truth is that it's never too late to pursue a future in this sector, and in fact, the journey may be even more rewarding for those who choose to embrace their creative side later in life. Knowledge knows no age limit, especially when it comes to creative fields.

At JMC, we know that the best opportunities emerge with the best foundations. Embarking on a tertiary education journey later in life can offer a range of unique opportunities for growth, and we specialise in all things creative. Here, we explore five compelling reasons why it's never too late to pursue a creative future.

I. Unleashing Dormant Creativity:

Pursuing tertiary education in a dynamic and vibrant creative field later in life can unlock latent creative potential. In fact, mature creatives may find themselves better equipped to tap into their creative spark than ever before. Creativity doesn't diminish with age; rather, it matures and gains depth as individuals discover and nurture their artistic voices. 

The soft skills and instinct acquired over years of life experience has the ability to contribute fresh perspectives to the creative industries and has given plenty of creative minds their unique edge. Consider notable figures like Leonard Cohen (who began writing music in his 30’s) and Tina Fey (who wrote and performed in her breakout role at 34) who exemplify how pursuing creativity later in life can lead to extraordinary accomplishments.

II. Career Transition and Reinvention:

Life is full of twists and turns, and career paths are no exception. Pursuing a tertiary degree in a creative field can offer a chance for a successful career transition or reinvention. The skills acquired during creative education provide a solid foundation for adapting to changing circumstances. With the launch of Creative Australia last year marking a new era for Australia’s rapidly developing arts sector, there is now no better time to make the pivot towards a more creative role in one of the nation’s fastest growing industries.

At JMC,  we have seen so many mature students come through our doors and go on to achieve bigger and better things than they ever imagined in their new creative careers. Taking the first step by deciding to change directions is actually the hardest part. Education is a powerful catalyst for personal and professional transformation. If you have been wanting to reconnect with a long-term passion but are unsure where to start, jumping into the deep end can often be the best way to reignite your creative engine. 

At our Re:Write event in 2023, performing artist Jen Cloher spoke about their newfound insight as a mature working creative.

At our Re:Write event in 2023, performing artist Jen Cloher spoke about their newfound insight as a mature working creative.


III. Diversity in Learning Styles and Perspectives:

Tertiary education is a melting pot of different learning styles and perspectives (and our JMC community is as diverse and wonderful as they come!). Exposure to different ideas and viewpoints can become a key ingredient for innovation in the creative industries, as it enriches the learning experience and fosters a broad understanding of the creative landscape. 

The value of a varied background becomes evident as it contributes to unique approaches and solutions. Tertiary education later in life not only broadens horizons but also prepares individuals to tackle challenges with a rich tapestry of experiences. Plus, as a mature student, you'll be bringing a different perspective to your studies that others can't bring. You may find that your views and insights are helpful to your peers!

IV. Networking Opportunities and Collaboration:

Collaboration is at the heart of the creative industries and tertiary education provides ample opportunities for networking and collaboration. Classroom interactions, group projects, and industry connections cultivated during this educational journey often lead to valuable partnerships. 

JMC has stories abound of individuals who built significant professional networks by embracing tertiary education in creative fields later in life, underscoring the collaborative nature of these industries. Our unique networks with the creative industries have opened the doors for job opportunities for our students time and time again- you may find yourself walking straight out of graduation into your dream role!

V. Personal Fulfilment and Lifelong Learning:

Beyond career prospects, pursuing tertiary education later in life holds intrinsic value. It becomes a pursuit of personal fulfilment and a commitment to lifelong learning. 

Creative fields, with their ever-evolving nature, provide a fertile ground for continuous personal development. The immense satisfaction that can be found in the pursuit of knowledge, regardless of age, is one thing that can be enjoyed at any time in life. The concept of lifelong learning, particularly in a creative field that encourages fluid and lateral thought, reminds us that education is not just a means to an end but a lifelong journey of self-discovery and growth.

The belief that tertiary education in creative fields is exclusively for the young is a myth shattered by countless inspiring stories from both within the JMC community and the wider creative world. It's never too late to unlock the potential of a creative passion, navigate a shifting career, embrace diverse perspectives and find personal fulfilment through education. Whether you're exploring a new passion or reigniting an old flame, the journey into higher education in a creative field is a testament to the timeless pursuit of knowledge. 

So, take that leap, and let passion paint the masterpiece of your later-in-life educational journey. There is a tangible and sustainable career to be had beyond the scope of what’s imaginable, and building the right foundations for success can begin at any stage of life!

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