Marsha Norman once said "Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you”. If we’re reading EBM Alumni Hayden Bradshaw’s book, this experience of a lifetime would be the first chapter.

We've been feeling a little reminiscent these days and we thought you might be too.

One of the ways we get our students out and about in the industry before they've even had a chance to graduate is by inviting them on some of our course exchange programs. For Entertainment Business Management Alumni Hayden Bradshaw, our Dutch exchange program was the perfect fit! Last November Hayden jetted off to Fontys University Academy for Creative Industries in the Netherlands for a trimester and was lucky enough to be involved in the Dreamfields Dance Festival Study trip to Mexico as well. 

 An active DJ, producer and winner of DJ Competition 'Your Shot' in 2019, getting involved in this trip was a no brainer. We had a chance to catch up with Hayden and get a glimpse into his time overseas and what he's been doing since. 

Tell us a little bit about your experience during the Fontys ACI Exchange? 

My exchange to Fontys ACI was an awesome experience because I got to work with and enter a whole new community and experience a different culture. The structure of uni there with my course was quite similar to JMC in regards to smaller class sizes and relationships with the lecturers. I made some lifelong friends and gained a ton of invaluable experience.

Dreamfields Dance Festival

We caught up with a very lucky Alumni Hayden Bradshaw, who had the chance to delve into our exchange program during his time at JMC studying Entertainment Business Management.

You were also a part of the Dreamfields Dance Festival Study Trip, what was it like to work and contribute to such a creative event? 

Dreamfields was one of the most incredible experiences of my career and probably my life to be honest. In collaboration with one of my good mates from the Dutch group and a new friend from Mexico we got the chance to plan, construct and execute a creative concept based around community & art. This project gave me a lot of clarity into the Entertainment Industry and what it's like to work closely with such a large team for something major like a music festival. I never expected I would be allowed to contribute to a festival of this size and being responsible for a part of the organization was very exciting. I was also lucky enough to DJ at the festival which was an experience I will never forget.

Post JMC studying, where has your career taken you? 

At the moment I am mainly managing myself as an artist and working on various projects with some brands in the Brisbane Dance Music Industry that I can't say anything about...yet.

Has the current COVID-19 situation altered your work opportunities or your approach to projects? 

For sure! Covid has majorly effected opportunities and job prospects as I am mainly looking to work in the Dance Music Scene which is highly limited right now, but it has also effected the way that I work as I generally draw a lot of inspiration and drive from performing, going to gigs and even working at gigs. I have definitely had to persevere and find new ways to get inspired since. 

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What are you looking forward to being a part of once restrictions ease? 

I think the landscape of not only the Dance Music Industry but the Music Industry as a whole is going to look quite different when restrictions are eased and I believe we will begin to see many more DIY gigs and warehouse parties and other performances that are very community based. I really would like to be a part of bringing that community together and helping artists thrive in a post-covid industry. 

Any new projects in the works? 

I am continuing to work under 'Shaw' in which I have just released a new mix for the 'LBM' label and brand. I am looking forward to working more with them in the future on various projects. 

I am also starting a new (still un-named) musical project with a good friend of mine which is going to be more live music based in the genres of funk, pop & RnB.

How do you think studying at JMC prepared you for working in the industry?

I think the experience opportunities that you get whilst studying at JMC were invaluable for preparing me to work in the industry, as well as the practical focus of assessments and improving using real-world projects through said assignments.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about joining the Entertainment Industry? 

I would say that the Entertainment Industry is one of the most rewarding industries there is, if you are willing to put yourself out there. Meeting people through gigs, through projects, through conferences etc. is one of the most vital aspects of working in the industry and as long as you have a love for the music or art or whatever you're working on, you'll find it fun and you'll never want to stop.

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