As we traverse the celestial realms of academia, the stars align to cast their cosmic influence on JMC students traversing diverse fields of the Creative Industries.

2024’s energetic dance of heavenly bodies sets the tone for a diverse range of pursuits, offering a blend of inspiration, curiosity, and strategic exploration. As the year unfolds, students may feel the subtle nudges of planetary alignments, guided by the inherent characteristics of their unique creative discipline. This astrological backdrop, featuring key dates and general insights, adds a touch of cosmic intrigue to the unfolding academic narrative for all JMC students for this year*.

Auspicious energy permeates the year ahead for JMC with 2024 casting its divine fortune across the many ventures ahead, some planned and some not yet foreseen. The sun's energy radiates throughout the first few months of the year, projecting the JMC community forward like a bursting comet across the creative sky. Key themes of collaboration, teamwork and trust will go a long way this year. Use these tools to reach new heights and elongate the planetary energy that comes your way. The celestial bodies will realign in a new and exciting way towards the second half of this year- perhaps indicating the genesis of a new partnership or event in the cosmic calendar? Expect the unexpected in 2024 and draw strength from trusted teal, yellow, orange and purple hues. 

The real stars of the show-diac, 2024 promises a theatrical journey for the passionate actors venturing into the year ahead. Guided by the energy of the Sun, key dates include July 23 - August 22, fostering creativity and confidence. For those located in Melbourne, Jupiter’s moons align this year, providing you with a new opportunity to hone your skills holistically in song, dance and stage. Planetary alignment with Mars and Venus brings fiery determination, while lucky colours such as gold and royal blue enhance your on-stage presence. Lucky numbers 1 and 5 will be your artistic allies. 

Musicians are set to ride the cosmic waves of inspiration at JMC in 2024. With Neptune as your muse, key dates from February 19 to March 20 illuminate your creative path. The conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury amplifies your musical intuition. We see you expanding your skills and learning about the business side of the entertainment industry- perhaps through a double degree? Embrace shades of oceanic blue and lavender as lucky colours, while 3 and 9 are your fortunate numbers.

JMC audiophiles, under the celestial guidance of Mercury, will find the year marked by intellectual curiosity. Key dates include May 21 - June 20, with a Mercury-Venus alignment enhancing your technical acumen. We see you expanding your skills and learning about the entertainment industry beyond the realm of the recording studio in 2024, perhaps through further study or an opportunity from a friend. Lucky colours like silver and pale yellow surround you with positive energy, while numbers 5 and 7 open doors to sonic success. Keep your ears open to unexpected opportunities this year.

Game Designers venturing into 2024 find a year of meticulous creation. Governed by Mercury, key dates fall between August 23 and September 22. The strategic alignment of Saturn and Uranus promotes innovative designs, opening up a whole new game play for you as you enter the second half of the year. Take this time to explore new formats, visuals and sounds, as you surround yourself with mentors to help you to reach your full potential. Earthy tones like green and brown are your lucky colours, while 4 and 8 are your auspicious numbers.

Animators, guided by the Moon's mystic energies, embrace a year of emotional storytelling. Key dates range from June 21 to July 22, with lunar influences intensifying your creativity. Jupiter's alignment sparks expansive ideas, bringing you closer to your true calling and deeper to your inner creative spark. Meditate on creative ideas this year before manifesting them in their ultimate form. Lucky colours like silver and white surround you, and numbers 2 and 7 bring lunar luck.

JMC Filmmakers and TV enthusiasts embark on a year of steadfast storytelling in 2024, with the celestial guides indicating a winding road ahead. This year will test your stamina and creative passion, guaranteeing that fortune will favour the bold. Make “go big or go home” your mantra for 2024, seizing every opportunity to execute each project to its fullest. Governed by Venus, key dates fall between April 20 and May 20, with Venus-Pluto alignment intensifying your artistic pursuits. Earthy tones like green and brown are your lucky colours, and 2 and 6 are your cinematic lucky numbers.

Pioneers in Entertainment Business Management navigate a dynamic year of strategic ventures, with stars of brightness illuminating the horizon. This year, aim for considered growth by planning your biggest ever events or striking your biggest ever deals after careful planning and background work. Be careful of unnecessary distractions. Governed by Mars, key dates span March 21 to April 19. The Jupiter-Mercury conjunction enhances your business acumen. Lucky colours like red and gold inspire confidence, while numbers 1 and 9 unlock doors to success.

Designers, guided by Saturn's structured energy, embark on a year of aesthetic evolution. The auspicious nature of 2024 makes this year the ideal time for experimenting and venturing to new areas of interest. Follow your creative instincts when it comes to combining mediums, ideas and projects. Collaboration is your secret gift in 2024- work with others from diverse backgrounds to further develop your own divine identity. Key dates range from December 22 to January 19, with Saturn-Neptune alignment enhancing your visionary designs. Dark, natural tones like charcoal and deep green are your lucky colours, and 4 and 8 are your fortuitous numbers.

May the cosmic energies and celestial guidance illuminate your educational journey throughout the coming year!

*JMC's Social Media Coordinator is not a trained Astrologer. This content is for entertainment purposes only.

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