“My vision’s always been clear, JMC was just part of the journey…”

Australia’s R&B renaissance is gathering speed and PANIA is one artist redefining the genre for modern audiences. For the JMC music graduate, pushing the limits creatively and personally has never been optional. Her discography plays like a journal peppered with intimate recounts of relationship vulnerabilities (listen to “ICYY”) through to anthems of self-empowerment, independence and positive friendship (à la “Tiki” and “My Crew”) and tbh we think the latter sums up her time at JMC pretty well. 

Rawness and honesty have always been central to the Melbourne- based creative, who has leant on these values to maintain the balance between strength and sensitivity. Sonically, lyrically and visually, what you see is what you get and perhaps this is why PANIA’s output resonates so strongly with fans. 

“If it’s a more vulnerable song, I want [my fans] to feel heard and validated… If it’s a song that’s meant to be played in the club then I want people to feel sexy. Like, I want girls to get ready to my stuff.”

In the life of a performing artist, no two days are the same. Admittedly, PANIA is “busy every day just writing music, recording, making my own music videos and doing photoshoots”. With the release of her new EP, burnt ur clothes & changed the addy, on November 10th, as well a national tour, partnerships with iconic brands like Platypus and Converse and a run of the summer festival circuit, PANIA’s calendar is already chock-a-block well into the new year.