JMC is super excited to release the first episode of our new Studio Sessions series

Check out Studio Sessions episode #1 below with Aisha and her track ‘Friends’

Performing in a studio is an intimate and revealing process. It is where the artist really finds out what direction a song should go in and how they want the rest of the world to hear it. For our students, being in the studio is something they strive for from day dot at JMC and when they get their chance, the results are always amazing. So amazing in fact, that we want to share this experience with the world…

Studio Sessions is about stripping back our incredible JMC artists and showcase them performing live in our on-campus studios. They will have the opportunity to perform some of the original tracks they have created while studying at with us as we film, mix it live and share it with the world (we may even throw in the occasional cover if the mood is right).

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Being our first episode, we wanted to make sure our first one was an absolute pearl, and we think we nailed it with this legend…

Check out Studio Sessions episode #1 below with Aisha and her track ‘Friends’

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