Bringing electro house music back into the music scene is at the forefront of Audio Alumni Edwin Beganovic’s mind and through his alter ego EDDIE, the future for electro is looking bright.

We had a chat with EDDIE about his time after JMC, the successes he’s had and what the future has to hold. how he managed to crack the US and Canadian markets with his music, remixing a Deadmau5 song, working with huge artists including REZZ and No Mana, and how he was first discovered by Deadmau5’s massive label, Mau5trap.

Tell us about your experience in the music industry since leaving JMC?

So, right at the start of my studies at JMC is when I really began to fall into the overseas music scene and by the time I left JMC, things started to get super serious and adventurous for me! The overall experience has basically been one massive learning journey for sure. From touring in Canada, having shows lined up in the states, to having released several EP’s and collaborated with some really big and talented artists like REZZ, ATliens, No Mana since my studies at JMC. I’ve had the opportunities to remix Zeds Dead and deadmau5 too…so I’ve been keeping myself busy for sure!

What made you decide to pursue electronic music professionally?

The turning point for pursuing electronic music was when people genuinely started enjoying my craft. You start realizing that you could be better than you initially thought. It all started off as something fun with a mix of challenge and excitement, but then it started becoming something I could pursue for a living. That’s sort of how my brain was processing the crossover at the time, it just built from there, gaining on all the goals that I set…there was no reason to stop.

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Working with Mau5trap is a huge feat! How did that come about?

It started with simply being at JMC in a studio class about a month in I’d say. I got an email from the label manager of mau5trap at the time, Mr. Chris Johnson. He had heard one of the first of 2 free download records that I had uploaded to Soundcloud and really liked what he heard along with my branding. The email asked if I could send more demo’s over which then eventually lead to me debut track on one of their compilation albums alongside deadmau5 and other artists. This led to my first EP ‘Pipe Dream’.

Any artists that you’d hope to work with?

I’d love to work with deadmau5 (no brainer), Knife Party, Boys Noize, Dirty South and Feed Me for sure, they’ve been at the top of the list forever.

What are your plans for the future?

The plan is to definitely tour a lot more in 2020 and finalise my work visa for the USA so I can finally start touring and accept show offers. Also, a heap of new releases and collaborations with more artists such as Dirty South, Grabbitz, No Mana (again, yay) and pushing forwards with a lot of positivity. I’d love to get the ball rolling and bring back electro house and make the genre great again!!!


"The movement has begun for making electro house great again!"

Talk a bit about your newest release ‘Double – Take’ with BlackGummy.

‘Double – Take’ is a track that I wrote with one of my best mates in the industry, BlackGummy. He has been such a pillar to mau5trap’s modern generation, and I’ve always admired his work and brand. He was one of the first from the scene in America to believe in me and my sound, so us writing a tune together was bound to happen and it was so exciting to make. It’s been finished for nearly a year and a half, but I can finally say it is out now and I think it’s the perfect blend of both our darker electro house roots. The movement has begun for making electro house great again!