JMC Academy and the Los Angeles College of Music announce new partnership in 2022!

At JMC Academy, we have taken another big step in our drive to not only bring the world to our students, but to also take our students to the world. 

From 2022, JMC’s Bachelor of Music (Performance) students will have the opportunity to complete their studies at the Los Angeles College of Music (LACM), graduating with a Bachelor of Music from this prestigious college. 


LACM is considered one of America’s top 20 music conservatories (there are over 600 music degree-granting institutions in the US) with a faculty that has worked with Herbie Hancock, Elton John, David Foster, Ariana Grande, BTS, U2, Jacob Collier, Pomplamoose, Randy Newman, Jason Mraz, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Pat Metheny, Angelique Kidjo, Usher and many more. 

Under this transfer agreement, JMC students would complete 1 year (3 trimesters) of the JMC Bachelor of Music, then spend 2 years (7 quarters) at LACM. 

The JMC and LACM Music degrees are closely aligned and similarly designed, however the US education system requires a General Education component that will add breadth to the degree.  

Students will continue to specialise in their chosen instrument under the careful tutelage of LACM faculty, continuing to grow in their skill and depth as a musician and performer, with the added experience of living, gigging and creating in Los Angeles.  

Director of International Services at JMC, Peter Gainey, says, “We are really excited about this fantastic new partnership with LACM. The LACM team is so friendly and supportive that we know our students are going to be well looked after in LA. It's an amazing opportunity for our students.” 

This agreement is JMC Academy’s first outbound international transfer agreement and continues our commitment to being a world-class institution.  

We’re excited by our partnership with LACM and plan to bring students more opportunities soon.  

Interested students should contact their Head of Music for more information.  

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