Our JMC Wellness Week may be ending, but wellness practices should be a year-round inclusion in your daily routine.

We ask that this week be a reminder to continue spreading awareness about mental, physical and environmental health in your community. If you or someone close to you is ever stuck in a negative mindset or feels like you are struggling, we always encourage you to speak up and seek help. Talking about mental health will remove the stigma and hopefully save lives.
We’d also like to thank everyone for getting involved with our first Wellness Week of 2020. Here at JMC Academy, we believe it is so important to us that our students feel safe and comfortable in all aspects of their wellness.
To keep your spirits high as this week comes to an end, we’ve included some alternative skills and suggestions to assist you the next time you hit a rough patch.

Go to Live Gigs

Seeing your favourite band and dancing around to your summer song has proven to positively affect your mood and increase one’s happiness. Compared to those who don’t regularly attend live performances, gig goer’s general wellbeing through music engagement is elevated. No better way to spend your nights in our opinion.

Visit our JMC Counselors

Student support is always available at JMC Academy campus. With a range of services available, our staff are always happy and willing to help. We have free on-campus counselling if you feel like you need to chat to a professional, academic support personnel if you are struggling with your course work and our Campus Directors are also here to assist with any problems you are having that are affecting your capacity to study. Please feel free to contact our support staff when you need them - it's what they are here for!

Hug your pets

The very own bundle of joy you wake up to and fall asleep with brings a sense of emotional connection that is unparalleled. Companionship from your furry friends is beneficial to the point that science has given the tick of approval, alleviating symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness.

Keep a journal

A simple practice of writing expressively; keeping a journal becomes a creative portal for you to begin a dialogue with yourself in times of need. A paper therapist and dear friend with no interruption or judgement. As a creative, a journal is a perfect place for songwriters to find some inspiration and access new feelings and expressions ready to fuel your next project.

Volunteer in your respective creative field

Giving back to an organisation, groups or generally, people in need is a great addition to your downtime when feeling blue. The time you take to support will increase your social skills, improve your health in numerous ways and allow you an opportunity to meet new people, making friends and connections with longevity.
If you or someone close to you is struggling with their mental health, JMC Academy encourages you to speak up and seek help from the following resources:
Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636
Lifeline: 13 11 14
Headspace: 1800 650 890
Support Act: 1800 959 500

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