With live performances returning and venues starting to welcome back COVID-safe crowds, we're collating all the latest recovery efforts made to help Australia’s entertainment industry!

Every industry has been affected in varying degrees by the 'Pandemic that must not be named', but the Australian Arts Industry has been one of the hardest hit with the restrictions placed on live performances and festivals.

With restrictions slowly easing nation wide and the eagerness of Australians to be entertained by home grown talent increasing, we thought there's no better time to get the latest recovery news hot off the press!

Scomo Dishing out more Funding 

The Australian Government have announced they will be  investing upwards of $3.6 million through the latest rounds of two touring programs, Playing Australia: Regional Performing Arts Touring Fund and the Contemporary Music Touring Program. The programs will fund 30 projects during 2021, to support tours spanning contemporary music, theatre, and dance to 268 unique locations nationally, with a focus on performances in regional and remote communities across Australia. 

Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts, the Hon Paul Fletcher MP, said the grants highlight the Government’s commitment to supporting the growth of a national arts sector accessible to all Australians. “Live performance and touring are vital to the ongoing sustainability and vibrancy of Australian arts,” Minister Fletcher said. “The projects supported in this latest funding round will provide new opportunities for contemporary musicians and performers to resume performing and touring as we emerge from COVID-19, and will allow them to engage with audiences across Australia.”

To further support a sustainable and vibrant arts and creative sector across regional and remote Australia, the Government has also announced almost $400,000 to support a series of six national strategic projects under the Regional Arts Fund. The projects will be delivered by Regional Arts Australia in 2021 and include a regional arts fellowship program, and sector wellbeing and online studio programs supporting the regional arts network.

The Regional Arts Fund received an extra $10 million last year due to COVID-19, on top of standard funding of about $3.5 million. “Our investment in the long-term development and sustainability of the regional arts network, arts organisations and arts workers is crucial for the recovery of our cultural and creative sectors and communities,” Minister Fletcher said.

Resources for every performer

The Performing Arts Council Australia (PACA), with the underlying goal of unlocking the potential of performing arts presenters and creators to transform and expand opportunities for audiences across Australia have been vocal participants in the recovery of the industry. Regularly updating their site with the most relevant resources and information to better educate those in the arts and assist venues and performers alike, PACA have created a handy resource page that outlines what you need to know according to the state you reside in. 

Useful Resources for every performer!

Are you not entertained?

If you're looking to show some support to your local arts community, ArtsHub have collated all the upcoming arts festivals and events that (fingers crossed) will be taking place throughout 2021!

Lock these dates in your 2021 Calendar!

Understandably, many arts events are taking it slowly in announcing dates and programs given COVID is still lingering, so keep checking this ArtsHub calendar as updates will be made regularly throughout the year.