It's time to celebrate World Pride! To kickstart JMC's pride celebrations, we are giving away 3x prize packs on each campus to celebrate the art of our JMC community.

To go in the running, send us a 300 word monologue, song or visual art piece that represents YOU! Entries close on the 9th March. To enter, email your submission to: 

One winner from each category will receive: 

  • Your art showcased in the SlayMC Queer Space (Sydney)
  • A JMC Hoodie
  • A $50 Gift Card

We encourage our artists to draw inspiration from their personal experiences, their culture, and their heritage. We want to see art that tells a story, makes a statement and inspires change.

We want to see the beauty of our community, and the struggles we still face. We want to see art that celebrates our victories and that inspires us to continue the fight for equality.

We encourage cultural respect, and ask that writers and artists consult with the appropriate communities when writing characters from cultural/social backgrounds other than their own.

We look forward to seeing your submissions and celebrating the diversity and richness of the LGBTQ+ community.