With the exciting launch of our Music Production Course, we're looking into what the course is about and why it's unique next to our leading Audio Engineering Course!

Music technology has shifted the possibilities of how songwriters & composers create. Here at JMC, we are seeing this industry shift as an opportunity to expand our course offerings to include Music Production.

Our mew Music Production course enables creatives to work in a practical way, focusing on core musicianship skills and industry-standard DAW platforms to create music, enabling a unique learning experience.

As we delve deeper into these new course offerings, you might notice a few similarities in terminology across Music Production and Audio Engineering, so we're breaking down the differences to help you make an informed decision about your study choice.

Introducing Music Production

The JMC Music Production course is designed around practical projects, with a strong focus on individual musicianship and developing a personal artistic style. With connections to APRA and music organisations nationally & international, JMC’s music courses also enable the development of critical business skills that launch composers into the music industry.

The music production stream is focused on the use of technology as a musical tool, and encourages the adaptation of new technologies, and incorporation of new software, hardware, and other media alongside your music.

Covering essential writing and production techniques across varying styles, instrumentation, and projects, the Music Production course will help you to create your own creative compositions in the studio - whether it be:

  • Pop production
  • EDM tracks
  • Atmospheric instrumental music
  • Or detailed productions for Games, Advertising, or Film and TV projects!
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Introducing our Updated Audio Course

Audio Engineering + Sound Production is a hands-on production-based course that is directly in sync with the audio industry. It explores the fundamentals of sound and music production, the operation of both studio and live sound equipment, and event audio production.

You will gain the core skills you need to pursue a career in the audio industry, have the chance to collaborate with your peers, build your portfolio and practical experience, and be mentored by well-connected industry professionals in Australia's leading, award-winning audio engineering course.

In line with our commitment to help you curate your sound, your course and your future, we have introduced four elective streams to the curriculum to tailor your JMC experience. Electives in:

  • Live Events
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Sound + Media
  • Studio Recording + Mixing

or a combination of them all and become the expert of your choice!

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Job Roles

Both music producers and audio engineers work with music artists to create the sound they are looking for. However, music producers are in charge of what sounds will be included in a song or composition, while an audio engineer runs the soundboard and other technical aspects of a performance. Here's a list of other specific job roles you can enter after completing Audio Engineering or Music Production:

Audio Engineering Music Production
  • Studio Engineer
  • Sound Effects Editor
  • Sound Designer
  • Programmer
  • Stage Technician

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  • Music Producer
  • Film + TV Composer
  • Jingle Writer
  • Electronic Music Artist
  • Recording Artist

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Not sure which direction to lean towards?

Do you want to improve your musicianship skills through the use of D.A.W. as your instrument? (i.e. learning theory, ear training, composition, songwriting and arranging)

If your answer is YES? Music Production sounds like the right fit!

If you're leaning towards wanting to better your producing skills instead and develop better quality projects? Audio Engineering for you!

Do you want to improve or learn the technical skills in producing live sound, music production through studio skills, recording bands, ambisonics, electronics, acoustics, mixing and electronic music?

If YES? Your best fit is Audio Engineering!

If that doesn't sound like what you're interested in and you instead want to create better songs, compositions and overall music pieces? Music Production will be a better fit!

Still not sure?

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