Continuing JMC Academy’s commitment to global industry and education connections, we are pleased to announce a new pathway program from Sweden’s historic Calle Flygare Teaterskola (Theatre School).

Students who have successfully completed Calle Flygare’s renowned two-year Actor Diploma program will be able to enter JMC Academy’s Bachelor of Acting with advanced standing, receiving Recognition of Prior Learning equivalent to 8 units of study (2 trimesters). This means that students will be able to enter directly into trimester 3 of the JMC Bachelor of Acting.

Thomas Granström, Calle’s CEO, says, ‘At Calle Flygare we believe that the cultural scene is global so to help our students open doors to the industry we think it is a necessity to work with well known universities throughout the world. JMC, with its long experience, progressive and eminent actors training and connections with the business makes them an outstanding partner for us and our students.’

Glen Hamilton, JMC’s Head of Acting, says, ‘Following a long association between our respective institutions, this articulation pathway reflects the great esteem we have for Calle Flygare, both for its rich history and its progressive and excellent actor’s training. We look forward to its graduates bringing unique and creative perspectives to our acting classes at JMC.’

With an 80+ year history teaching the dramatic arts in Sweden, Calle Flygare Teaterskola is a highly-recognised institution whose acting techniques and specialisations are inspired by theatre thinkers and educators, including Stanislavsky and Meisner.

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