It's time to make creative music using technology, pushing the boundary of style and genre in every project you get your hands on.

Music technology has shifted the possibilities of how songwriters & composers create, and the JMC Music Production course enables creatives to work in a practical way, focusing on core musicianship skills and industry standard DAW platforms to create music.

New Course Available

We are very excited to announce JMC Academy's Music Production Course as part of our curriculum from June 2021!

As an architect of the music industry, multi-genre composers and producers create the sounds that we connect with, the music that makes the world go around – so they are in great demand across the entertainment spectrum, in many forms of media that we consume daily.

We’ve pulled out a few jobs within the creative industry that you will be the perfect fit for as a Music Production Graduate!

Freelance Music Producer

Take on one of the most important roles in the music industry and set your sights on overseeing and managing the entire production and recording process of a song or even an entire album. Don't restrict yourself to simply just the music industry either, this role is required in a number of fields such as Games, Animation, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence Projects and Content Creation. 

Equip yourself with the skills to enter a production company as a valued employee, take on the role of a freelancer or set up your own small business!

Recording Artist

With some of the best Audio consoles in Australia sitting right in JMC’s studios, it’s no wonder so many of our Music students produce and record their own music during their studies. With an SSL Duality on each campus, students can team up with an Audio Engineering student or fly solo as a Music Production student to become a recording artist from the get-go. 

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Collaborative Songwriter & Producer

However you'd like to classify yourself, Lyricist? Composer? Songwriter? Your role in bringing an idea to life allows you to work with an array of music creatives to blend lyrics and melody into a complete product! As a staff writer in a collaborative team or as a freelancer who lends their ideas and expertise on a project by project basis, writing lyrics and creating jingles and backing tracks will have you being a vital contributor to any music project. 

Composer for Various Fields

Can you image listening to your piece on the big screen while major Hollywood actors star alongside your music? Composing music, whether it be for musicals or film is a path many music producers will take and may put you on a path of an international journey in music. Becoming a composer could also grant you the opportunity to work within the Screen, Interactive Media (Apps), Gaming, Advertising and Online Content Creation fields. 

Sound Editor & Producer for Radio

Become the creative professional responsible for what your audience hears on their way to work, while they're at the gym or trying to get to sleep. As the demand for radio roles increase, the selection and assembling of sound recordings in preparation for the final mastering is becoming one of the most integral parts of creating content audiences want to listen to every day. 

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Remember, you may have no idea what exactly it is you want to do before you start a course. The key thing to do is to study something you enjoy, and that way you can find your dream career path from trying various parts of the industry!