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Keeping up to date with the ‘must-have’ career requirements is an important job we’ve been given. At the pace that industries are evolving, it’s become crucial to get the facts straight and let our students in on the demands within the workforce. 

So here are the job stats

There were 237,100 job vacancies in 2019, where 50,000 + professional skills were entered by prospects. LinkedIn got to crunching the numbers and found what employers are looking for in 2020.

A recent article by LinkedIn has revealed the 10 most in-demand hard skills and 5 most in-demand soft skills by Aussie companies. 

Up there in the top 10 hard skills is UX Design!

For our Digital Design Students, you’ll be well versed in what UX is all about – User Experience Design which takes traditional human-computer interaction design and levels up by addressing all the integrated aspects of a product or service (like apps) by users. 

Want to study Design (Visual Communication) at JMC?

Taking the lead in soft skills in demand was Creativity and Teamwork!

These interpersonal skills are essential to all work environments, where LinkedIn believes skills that get people to think outside the box and work towards a common goal, shape businesses and the individual’s career. JMC Students who thrive off creativity throughout their time on campus and the collaboration that exists within the classroom are as in demand as ever according to LinkedIn’s results. 

Senior director of LinkedIn Learning Solutions Jason Laufer adds that if you haven’t already gotten on board with learning these in-demand skills, there’s no time like the present. They don’t just improve your work efforts, there’s also a positive correlation to “boosting confidence and opening doors to new opportunities”.

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