Meet JMC students Ellie and Jess who are learning how to work together in the music industry as manager and artist

Working your way into the music industry takes a lot of hard work, but who's to say you have to go at it alone?

At JMC, we know how important it is to practice collaboration and teamwork throughout your degree, and two Brisbane students took this one step further. 

Ellie and Jess are Entertainment Business Management and Music Performance students respectively who decided to team up as Artist and Manager. We caught up with the two girls to talk working together, partnership challenges and what the future holds. 

Tell us a little bit about yourselves? 

Ellie: I’m an Entertainment Business Management student who loves marketing and music, so the decision to combine the two was so exciting! My passion for supporting emerging artists on their journey in the big beautiful challenging music world was a big driver in partnering with Jess (Oh Bailey) and I hope I not only manage more artists but get to create authentic events showcasing Australian artists. 

Jess: Hi! I’m Jess (stage name Oh Bailey), a music student in my fifth trimester. Music has been a huge part my life for as long as I can remember, all through high school my spare time was filled with music and it has always played a big part in my life one way or another. I decided for myself a while back that music was the only thing I wanted to pursue, my goal is to become a touring artist that writes and performs her own music around Australia and maybe even the world! 

Oh Bailey at the JMC Academy Studios

How did you guys start working together? 

Ellie: I first noticed Oh Bailey at our JMC Summer Jamz late in 2019 and immediately noticed the rich tones in Jess’s vocals; I saw a dash of Fleetwood mac with a modern dreamy synth twist and knew instantly I wanted to work with her. As a part of my degree I have to scout for an artist to work with for my ‘Talent Development’ unit and after meeting with Jess we both came to conclusion we would be a great team. I am very lucky to have come across this talented lady. 

Jess: Ellie came up to me after a gig at The Foundry and told me she’d love to work with me, we ended up getting in contact and here we are! I haven’t had much experience with managers as I used to try and do that myself but having Ellie has been amazing! She goes above and beyond to make sure she’s helping me achieve my goals and her own the best way she can. 

What have you learnt from each other? 

Ellie: I have developed an understanding and deep respect for the creative process an artist goes through to create material, I would say it’s even genius! Giving an artist as mush support, consistency and direction is so important, giving them more time to concentrate on their craft so the magic can occur. 

Jess: I learnt that I can’t do everything myself, and having someone reliable and experienced like Ellie has really helped me grow as an artist. It also helps to have someone promote you as much as you do! 

Have there been any challenges you’ve had to overcome in your partnership? 

Ellie: We didn’t know each other at all, so we had to build a relationship and start to trust each other; it’s her career! It’s a big deal! 

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Do you think it’s beneficial to be growing together as artist and manager? 

Ellie & Jess: We think it’s definitely beneficial. When your manager knows where you started, your weaknesses, your strengths, and how far you have come, it makes a big difference. It also helps to grow together because a manager can go through the same changes an artist does, learn what works for them and what doesn’t when it comes to promoting, gigging etc. 

What projects do you hope to tackle in the future? 

Jess: I’ve got some very cool plans for this year; I’m planning on holding a live stream festival called ‘Cabin Fever’ with myself and fellow JMC students in May (keep your eyes peeled around mid-May) which Ellie has been helping me plan. My new single ‘Free Fall’ is now available on all streaming services which has been so exciting and I am also planning on releasing my next single by the end of 2020! 

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What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt from your time at JMC? 

Jess: Being a student at JMC has been so important to my growth as an artist due to all the experiences and opportunities I have been exposed to. But the most important lesson I’ve learnt is that you need to seek out these opportunities for yourself and put yourself out there to network and experience more as there is such a great community at JMC willing to help you grow and master your craft - all you need to do is ask! 

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