JMC Academy is proud to announce that we will be gifting all of our Digital Design students a full membership to the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA)

AGDA is the peak national organization representing the Australian graphic design industry. As a member of AGDA, our design students will have access to a wide range of benefits that will ensure the most industry-specific and up to date information is accessible to them throughout their degree.

One of the key benefits our students will have exclusive access to as members are the professional and emerging designer mentorship programs that will allow them to further their careers as designers under the mentorship of an experienced peer. Not only will they have access to this program, but they will also receive a complimentary design specific consultation with Finn Roache Lawyers, who offers legal aid to all AGDA members. 

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On top of these two amazing opportunities, our students will also have access to:

  • Cheap tickets to the AGDA Design Awards night and all creative
  • Business and professional practice events held by AGDA
  • Stay up to date with national and international design programs, events, activities, news and trends via the AGDA weekly newsletter
  • Set up their own personal profile that will put them firmly inside the design community and allow them to build their network in the industry and be in front of a LOT of potential clients

Not to mention, they will also receive discounts on things including working spaces at MUSE, prices at the AGDA shop, subscriptions to billing, timesheet and project management programs FunctionFox, Trigger and DragonBill plus many, many more design related programs and stores.  

Full Membership to AGDA

Now Available with JMC Academy

We are so excited to provide our design students with the opportunity to be members of such an amazing design community and are looking forward to seeing the brilliant work that comes out of them in 2019! Access to memberships will be given in class. Stay tuned!

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