Hello! I’m Sanita and I’m currently the lead Production Coordinator on Good Game: Spawn Point, ABC ME’s show about all things video games and the gaming industry for our young audience.

So what do I actually do at GGSP? 

In short, I am responsible for organising and streamlining the workflow for our production schedule, as well as overseeing all the administrative and research support for the GGSP team. Some days I’ll be in studio shoots or off-site filming with our hosts and camera crew; other days I’ll be managing the website or our YouTube channel. 

I am someone who wears many hats in this role

I’ve been able to produce my own segment about gaming arts & crafts for the show; manned the auto-cue/teleprompter for GGSP and Play School; and assisted with Hopeworks, a short film initiative with BBC Children’s and Sky Kids. 

Pictured: Good Game: Spawn Point Team on ABC ME

I’ve also booked amazing international trips to E3 in LA

Tokyo Games Show, the DOTA 2 International in Vancouver, and many others. Also, one of my biggest achievements so far has been organising the GG 10th Anniversary event and live show record.

As for my background, I loved gaming and I knew I was good at being organised but I didn’t know where to go from that. So discovering the Entertainment Business Management degree was a blessing. 

Want to study Entertainment Business Management at JMC?

In my second year at JMC, I had the awesome opportunity to be part of the LA Film School Student Exchange program and through a friendly classmate, interned with Cobbstar Productions and Beyond Productions. I started as a social media assistant for The Horizon Series, an award-winning online web series about the queer community in Sydney. The series received funding through Screen Australia to produce a pilot, where I was employed as an art department runner and brushing shoulders with the director Stephen Elliott, better known as the director for Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. This was an eye-opening experience to be on a fast-paced production, and receiving a credit to my name. 

Pictured: Sanita on location with a co-worker, Southern California 2020

As I was finishing my degree, I stumbled across a Production Assistant role at ABC’s Good Game. So I submitted my application the same time I was submitting my final assignments for review. Later in the year, I headed to the interview with both my JMC tour manual and event manual as part of my presentation- and a day after, I was asked to be part of the team! Since joining GG & GGSP, it’s been a privilege to be surrounded by a bunch of nerds who get excited over framerates and graphics or discussing the moral decisions you made in a particular game. 

Being a Production Coordinator is a highly rewarding position within any industry across Film or Gaming. You become the point of contact between all departments; meeting and establishing connections with other coordinators or producers, and gaining that trust from the crew. Every day is different and so hectic that I’ve become an in-joke amongst my team.

“Sanita, are you busy?” - Everyone.
Sanita Khandharixay

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