We are less than a week away from JMC's First Online Open Day - and we couldn't be more pumped!

No matter what is happening in the world right now, we really didn’t want anyone to miss out on the chance to find out what studying at JMC is really like and if we are the right place for you! So basically, we really didn't have a choice but to put together an online version of our May Open Day! 

As we said - this is something brand new that we haven't tried before, so we had to put in some serious hours in making sure this thing was going to be absolutely AMAZING for all of you that are joining us, but as we face the home stretch, we could not be more confident that you guys are going to love it!

Since this is uncharted territory for you too we have collated the ultimate ‘How-To’ for our Online Open Day.

Plan Ahead

Before we get into how to make the most of our Online Open Day, mark your calendars for Saturday, May 23rd! We'll be getting started at 1:00 pm with a small introduction on how the day will work, a hello from our Founder Dr Martin Cass and a big welcome from our JMC Staff before you start checking out our courses on offer.

Make sure to register now if you haven't already!

Immerse Yourself 

Make sure you watch as much as you can! Much like our IRL Open Day, we'll have guided tours of our campuses, introductions into student life, Alumni in Focus sessions and most importantly; the chance to hear about all the courses you are interested in. If you can't pick just one-course session to join, jump in on as many sessions as you can!

Join our Q+A Sessions

After each course session, stick around for a Live Q+A Session with our Heads of Departments to get your questions answered. Bombard them if necessary - there are no dumb questions when we are talking about your study experience. The best part about this being an online session? No need to worry about that awkward 'hands up' situation, just type your questions away.

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Stick around for our Masterclasses

Get a better idea of the course content you have the chance to learn by sticking around for our exciting Masterclasses! From learning the art of a Home Studio to lighting a scene, we've got you covered.

Book a Student Admission Meeting

So you've seen your course session, had some fun in the masterclasses, but now you want to get down to the final details and talk to our team about the nitty gritty. That meants it's time to book a one-on-one appointment with our Student Admission team to sort out your personal journey in more detail. This will be available to do on the day after your sessions, so make sure you keep this in mind!

Can’t Wait?

Click here to fill out an enquiry form now for a meeting with our student admissions team to get the ball rolling before our May 23rd Online Open Day!