Let's start looking forward...

As Victoria continues their health and safety precautions for the safety of their residents, JMC is sorely missing our Melbourne students on campus and can't wait to see you all again when the time comes. 

So, while we sit patiently and plan out our Post-COVID to-do lists, check out our top 10 reasons why we can’t wait for Melbourne to reopen:

1. It's the Best Student City in Australia

Sorry Sydney, Melbourne has this one in the bag. With an international ranking as the 'third best city in the world to study', we can't deny the national and international appeal of getting your degree in the most liveable city in the world. Think natural surroundings, diverse community, student accommodation options and student discount entitlements, why study anywhere else?

2. The Home of Festivals

There's always a festival going on in Melbourne, whether it's film, comedy, arts, music, food or design (and now with online options). You can't go past enjoying at least one including the Royal Melbourne Show, Fringe Festival, Midsumma, Melbourne Underground Film Festival, St Kilda Festival, Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Melbourne Open House, Johnston Street Festival and Melbourne Music Week just to name a few. 

3. Discovered Musicians

The radio plays their hits, you've added them to your Spotify playlists, and now you know they are from Melbourne City. Tash Sultana, Tones and I, Missy Higgins, Vance Joy, G-Flip, Courtney Barnett and Ecca Vandal all started their careers by being discovered as a Melbourne Artist. 

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Melbourne is still the place to be for every creative around!

4. Top-notch caffeinated beverages

Whose morning ritual doesn't begin with a daily dose of coffee. I have a lot of questions, number one: how dare you? In the coffee culture capital of Australia (and maybe the world) it should be considered a sin not to indulge in a nice hot cup of coffee from those champion baristas to get your creative juices flowing. 

5. Cafe's and Restaurants Galore

The numbers don't lie. With over 5000 diverse and delicious eateries, Melbourne is ranked number 1 in the world for housing the most cafe's and restaurants per capita, and with more eateries comes more great food. Hosting Australia's most celebrated Food and Wine Festival, you can guarantee a delicious feed from anywhere.

6. Live Music All! The! Time!

With the most venues per capita than any other city in the world - one venue per 9,503 residents - there's no shortage of stages to either perform at or visit to get your live music fix. Even band British India would "play Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday every week”.

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7. Laneway Art Therapy

Forget your typical art gallery or museum experience and take a wonder outside through the alleyways and laneways of Melbourne. Covered in vibrant, magical and 'pictures don't do it justice' art, there is no limit to these artists imagination as they colour the streets of Melbourne.

8. Easy Access Everywhere

With one card - Melbourne Myki Travel Pass - you can travel on any of the city's public transport options. What stands out about Melbourne in particular is their tram offerings. Trams are an integral part of the city, functioning as both a unique travel choice and preferred service by locals, and there's even a Free Tram Zone running through the central city square if you can't find your Myki Pass. 

9. Victoria Government's "Sustaining Creative Workers" Grant Announcement

Grants totalling $2.3 million will directly support 373 independent creatives and businesses across all sorts of creative outlets in Victoria including performers, writers, theatre companies and festivals. The grants will help these guys develop, deliver and adapt their work in a changed environment so that we can all continue to enjoy the arts from home. 

10. And most exciting of all – the launch of JMC Academy’s New Melbourne Campus

It's official! We have been working so hard on getting every detail about this campus absolutely perfect and are so incredibly excited to be seeing it so close to completion! If you missed our latest Instagram post with some sneak peek pictures from the site, check it out here

Kicking off our campus events, JMC will be hosting this years Melbourne Fringe Festival in November, with a 12 show lineup spanning 18 nights! 

We know times are a little tough down there in Victoria at the moment, but we hope this gives you guys something to look forward to - we are counting down the days before we have our students back on campus and mastering their craft.

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