Get an Early Offer into JMC Academy

JMC Academy's Early Entry Program offers a great opportunity for students to secure their spot in their chosen course ahead of their final exams. This program allows students with creative potential to jumpstart their education journey. It's a fantastic way for students to ease the stress of their final year, knowing they have a place waiting for them at JMC, and can fully concentrate on their current studies with confidence and clarity.

No ATAR required.

Get an offer to study in February

Why wait for your ATAR to be released to know how you'll be spending the next few years of your study time? Apply through JMC's Early Entry Program to secure your conditional offer in our February 2025 intake before you even sit your final exams!

Sydney + Brisbane campuses only, Victorian school leaver applicants should see VTAC Guidelines.

Who is this for?

Our Early Entry Program is for high school students in year 12 looking to study at our Sydney or Brisbane campus in the following year. 

What are the benefits of JMC's Early Entry Program?

  • Stress less about your exams, knowing you've already secured your place for next year
  • Better preparation allowing more time to focus on your studies
  • Our undergraduate programs have no ATAR requirements
  • No fees or costs associated with applying
  • You are not obligated to take up our offer
  • Your offer can be deferred to a mid-year or late-year intake

How does it work?

Early entry is available for all current Year 12 students in Australia, looking to study at our Sydney or Brisbane campuses. Applying is easy and should only take a few minutes, you can apply directly by clicking here and a member of our team will be in touch to guide you through the process.

Once we've received your application we'll give you a buzz and organise for you to have a chat with one of our awesome admissions advisors. During this appointment they'll be able to confirm your application details, assess the best course & study options for you and finalise your offer!*

  • Music, Songwriting, Acting & Music Theatre applicants will also be required to audition.
  • Animation, Game Design & Design (Visual Communication) applicants will be also required to demonstrate creative aptitude with a portfolio.

*Any offer presented to you by JMC Academy is conditional upon you meeting all course-specific application conditions, as well as the relevant course eligibility and admission criteria. Should you be eligible, a letter of conditional offer will be sent to you by JMC Academy and will outline academic conditions.

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3 campuses across Australia in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
Over 20 different courses on offer from Animation to Entertainment Business Management
The opportunity to complete part of your course abroad