Maybe you checked out our student's work on Instagram or maybe you just heard a radio ad – but something has motivated you to take the first step towards your future and register for the JMC Open Day.

First of all - CONGRATULATIONS! This is a huge milestone in the journey of turning your creative passion in to your career. It takes guts to make the decision to explore your study options and really start to plan your future and you are now officially on your way.

Open Days are the perfect way to dip your toe in and find out what exactly life at JMC will be like. It's a day where you can soak up the culture, chat to our current students and lecturers, check out the facilities and truly find out what we are all about at JMC.

Since it can often be a lot to take in on just one day, we have put together 5 tips to help you nail your Open Day and get all the information you need.

1. Come prepared to maximise your time

Around one week out, we will email you the official Open Day program. This will be your guide and is an extremely important tool in getting the most out of your day.

Read it over carefully, pick out what activities you want to take part in and find where they are held on the map. Make sure you don’t miss the information session for the course you are interested in, but once that is done, leave some time to check out the interactive activities happening around the campus.

The gamers might want to check out the VR demonstrations while the Audio crew will be keen to get in the studios and check out our in-house engineers recording a track live – the choice is yours!

2. Bring the family or your mates

It’s always good to have the people that know you best with you when you are making a decision as big as this one. Bring your mum, dad, brother, partner, best mate... whoever! They can be your second set of eyes and ears throughout the day, ask the questions that slip your mind and above all else, enjoy the complimentary coffee cart and nibblies.

3. Grab a student for a personalised campus tour

Between the songwriting suites, recording studios, animation labs and film studios, the campus can admittedly be a little bit of a maze when you first arrive. That’s why we have our amazing JMC students roaming around to give our guests guided campus tours and answer any questions you have along the way. Have a look around yourself when you arrive and then, when you’re ready, grab one of the legends in the teal shirts and ask them to give you the grand tour. We promise most of them don’t bite.

4. Be open to exploring multiple courses

Just because you have registered interest in one course, doesn’t mean you are locked into only that course. Save some time to check out some of the other areas around campus and chat with multiple Heads of Department. You might have registered for Music Performance but after finding out more, you could realise that Entertainment Business might be more up your alley.

Maybe you registered for Animation but end up falling in love with the Design studios or the idea of turning your animations into a game.

The beauty of Open Days is that they are designed to help you explore all of your options and changing your mind is all part of making the right decision in the end.

5. Think about exactly what you want out of the day and the best way to achieve it

Free food and interactive sessions are great, but let’s not forget about the main reason you are there: to make a well-informed decision about your future. Make sure you seek out the right info sessions, find out who the right people to talk to are and have some questions ready to ask. Ask our team about anything you need to know. Where are JMC Alumni working now? What skills will you have when you finish the course? How many days per week will you be on campus? What gear will you get to use during your course? What is the Head of Departments favourite movie? Make sure you ask EVERYTHING to ensure you leave no stone unturned and make the most informed and correct decision about studying at JMC. Of course we would love you to study here, but only if it’s the right fit for you.

Keen to join us for our next round of Open Days?

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